Step in a New Soil

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Jin can't believe he is here in the Philippines. After the day he skipped the meeting, Taehyung said Mr. Sejin went to the Philippines after walking out of the board room. He  won't be back until the next 2 weeks. It's a serious problem. Their contract should be signed by then so they can start building the hotel in USVI.

His father was so furious. The head of the family was unhappy knowing his son, the CEO skipped a very important meeting. They were supposed to discuss the plans for the new hotel on the meeting.

He was about to fail his father but Jin need not to lose hope. This isn't the time to think of negative things. Jin tried to call Mr. Sejin but he can't reach him. His call is being directed to voice mail.

Teahyung didn't waste any time. Tae contacted his friend Seo Joon to locate Mr. Sejin. Not too long, with the help of connections (even though Jin hates the idea of doing it), they were able to track hyung. He was in Incheon International Airport and the plane already boarded to Puerto Princesa.

He can't remember how fast Tae worked on booking his business class flight, his private van going to Sabang and on reserving his hotel. All he knows is that he owes a lot to his Vice President in Public Relations.

It was a 4 hour and 30 minutes flight. He decided to sleep while on the plane so that he can have the energy he needs to deal with the food corporation owner. Sejin is his friend. Their families are friends and he knows how Sejin is strict with work. But he didn't know this will happen. I mean, they were friends after all?

"On behalf of Philippine Airlines and the entire crew, I'd like to thank you for joining us on this trip and we are looking forward to seeing you on board again in the near future. Have a great night!"

Now he is here.
Jin arrived at the hotel late night. He jumped to the bed and is still thinking what to do to please Sejin to forgive him and sign the contract.

He drifted into sleep thinking...

The next day,  he got a message on his Kakao Talk.

Jin hyung, it's a good news!

Sejin hyung is staying on the same hotel as yours.

He also replied to me on Kakao Talk.

I told him you are there.

Thanks, Taetae.

I don't know what to do

if you aren't here.

Buy me mangos there and bring it

when you go back! I moved my date

with Denise to a later time just

to work on your bookings!

I'm so blessed she is very understanding <3


Oppa.... you owe me too, okay?

Ahh... Denise... yes...

I'll buy you mangoes here!

I know you miss it! :-)

Hyung, go to the reception

I already coordinated with them

They should be telling you

where is Sejin hyung room is.

All the best of luck!

Jin took a quick shower before heading out of his room. He went down the reception and the receptionist immediately know what to do. The girl is blushing while handing him a card with Mr. Sejin's room number and other details written on it.

"Where-is-the-Cafe? Restaurant?" Jin uttered.

The receptionist answered, can't help admiring how handsome Jin is. She is turning red.  "It's on the next hallway."


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