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Spencer was indeed pissed. At one second she was staring at this guy who is so handsome, the next thing she knows is she is hating him so much. 

Though she feels so mad, Spencer decided to just let it slip and headed to her hotel. I was here for a breathe of fresh air. I was here to enjoy. She thought. 

Spencer was quick to unpack her things. She took a quick shower and then wore a black bandeu matched with a high waist bikini. She put on suncreen and after so, wore a sheer swimsuit dress to cover up herself before she headed out of her room with her beach bag.


Jin is uneasy. He wandered the long beach thinking of ways on how can the agreement be discussed. Will a video conference do? But that is too unprofessional to think Mr. Sejin is so strict with business. Can he ask the stakeholders to come here in the Philippines? But they all might all be busy managing their own business.  What should he do?

He slowly got tired of walking so he decided to rest for a while and sat on a beach chair. That's when he saw a familiar figure. Oh, not familiar. He has not seen this "figure" before. 


It's 10:15 AM. 

Luckily, the sun is not scorching hot and it is as if hiding from the clouds so Spencer can take some time to dip into the sea.  Spencer left her bag on the beach chair and removed her dress. Spencer is not so tall. She is 5'3 yet undeniably sexy. The high waist bikini  is hugging her waist now and that emphasized her figure more.  Spencer didn't waste any time, she went to the beach to swim. Unknowingly to her, there's  a pair of eyes staring... 

Breathe, Jin. Breathe...

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