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Spencer woke up from her dream. She had that nightmare again. The night everything ended from her and Toby. She wiped the tears from her cheeks and sat on the bed.

Spencer noticed it's already dark. She checked the clock and was surprised to see it's already 6:00 PM. It was humid so she thought of swimming again. To wash off the memories so she prepared. She'll just use the pool this time.

It was a lucky time for her. She's the only one who'll be using the pool. Spencer took off her robe and slowly dip into the pool. She swam back and forth and when she grew tired, she went on floating. Spencer closes her eyes and even though she went here to wash off the memories, they just wont. She can't escape them...

Toby's parents were saying the truth when they told her they will take Toby to Canada. She didn't hear any words from his boyfriend then. Even until this day...

Spencer became miserable after the incident. She was the one being blamed by Toby's family of what happened. She stopped doing everything she enjoys doing when she's with him. She stopped traveling. She stopped painting. She is a graduate of engineering but painting is her passion. Toby's her college schoolmate. He told him go on what makes her happy. But everything shattered after that incident. She closed her studio and spent days alone in her room. Toby was her inspiration to all her works. Whenever they go out to travel, that's the time she paints. She loves sceneries, loves painting the beautiful skies. But then, he's not with her anymore...

She was thankful of her friend Caly. She did everything for her to move on. Caly said she try working as an engineer so her attention could be diverted. So she did. And now... It has been 3 years...


Jin is at the bar. He saw Spencer when she arrived and he also saw the girl looks like someone who came froncrying. And now, it has been a long while since the girl is floating on the pool. What is she doing?


Spencer flipped position to feel the water on her face. She wanted to stay like this for few minutes. Little did she know someone is looking at her again...



"What the fuck!"

Jin saw the girl's body flipped position. His adrenaline came in. He rushed into the pool to save her. Jin grabbed the girls hand and flipped her body again so that she's facing him. His arms are now around her waist. Spencer quickly encircled her arms on Jin's neck for support, she opened her eyes as she catches her breath and stared at him. She stares with questioning eyes.

Spencer came into her senses and pushed Jin. The man lost his balance and fell back into the water.

"Oh gosh... gosh!" Spencer exclaimed.

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