First Bump

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Spencer is excited. She has never felt this excitement again. The last was too long she has forgotten how it feels like. She's going on a vacation.

Caly booked her into one of the best resorts in Sabang, Palawan. Her friend even paid for the fees for her second week in there just because Caly was happy her friend finally decided to leave her usual routine of work-home-sleep-eat-work.

When she arrived in Puerto Princessa, Spencer took a van going to Sabang. She took a private car then going to Daluyon Beach and Moutain Resort. That's the time she received a text message from James.

Spence, I know I asked you  to go on a vacation,

but can you pass by Sheridan before going to your hotel?

A new router was installed there this morning,

it cannot communicate with the neighbor router.

Can you check? Network there is down for 5 minutes already.

I'm not in the office and I was thinking since you are there...

Spencer replied. EIGRP?

Yes! You're the best, Spence!

Spencer locked her phone and prepared to alight the car.

Didn't my boss just said I should take a vacation? Why am I working? sigh...

Spencer rushed to the hotel to go the I.T room. Ah... this is a familiar place. Their team went here to deploy network devices when it's near it's opening. Now she has returned and on a rush because downtime means l-o-s-s. The network needs to be fixed.

She's running hastily when she accidentally bumped into a tall man and fell on her butt after.

"What the f-!"

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