Second Bump

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Jin saw the woman again. She is stepping out of the room that has a sign "I.T. Room". His phone is also vibrating and it looks like notifications are rapidly sent to him. The WiFi connection must now be up again.

"Be careful next time. Review your configuration. You used a different autonomous system number on the new router."

"Yes, Engineer Spencer.Thank you for helping. We were on panic mode."

"That's okay. It happens."

The woman gave a light pat on the junior engineer's back before fully stepping out of the room.

Oh. So she's an engineer. Was she the one who fix the connection?

And her name is Spencer. Nice name.

Jin found the timing; he swiftly walked and stood by the exit.

Not too long, Spencer, who is checking and reading something on her phone, is already walking to exit the hotel. Jin blocked the way and that's when the woman bumped into him again.


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