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Jin heard the echoing voice of Spencer from afar.  She looks terribly pissed but Jin has to make a choice. And that is to talk to Mr. Sejin. 

"What brings you here CEO? I thought Kim Beach Hotel's not interested with the partnership?"

"Hyung, it's not true. Dad wants this partnership. I'm sorry I was not on the meeting."

Jin follows Mr. Sejin who looks like to be heading to the beach. 

"What are we going to do now, Seokjin? I plan to stay here indefinitely for now."

That's the problem. The contract needs to be discussed well with the stakeholders so the project at USVI can kick off. Jin was told Mr. Sejin will be here for two weeks, but now, indefinitely? Mr. Sejin's company will handle the restaurant and cafe that will run on the hotel. His father trusts Mr. Sejin so much that the head of the Kim's doesn't want any other to do this. 

"But hyung, the project will start soon and we just need your approval for terms for the restaurant of the hotel."

"You know very well that a lot has been against you gaining that position, Seokjin. And yet what did you do? You intended to miss our meeting."

"I know it is an irresponsible act, hyung. But what can I do? I was not born to do those things. I just wanted to rest for awhile because I was too exhausted doing everything dad was doing before. I was so sure Taehyung can handle the meeting well."

"I have no doubts about Taehyung. He is a very responsible VP. He even covers you up. But Jin, you have to keep up and focus on your responsibilities. Taehyung won't be there for you always. I was very surprised that you are now so close. I can still remember how you hated him. 

"That was long ago hyung, I was so immature that time. But all is well. I love my younger brother."

"I know." Mr. Sejin said.

"So hyung, can you now sign the contract?"

"I won't sign a contract that has not been discussed yet." Mr. Sejin's voice was firm. 

Jin was so confused. Why is Mr. Sejin so hard to talk to now? He is not like this. He has explained the reason why he didn't attend the meeting. He seems to understand him but why is he acting like this?

Jin needs a time to think for the next move. He needs to talk to Taehyung.

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