Gentle and Careful

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She nodded after hearing Seokjin. It was a go signal for him. He shut door and pinned Spencer. Her back flat on the door. She is panting. Their eyes were locked into each other full of desire. He then cut the space between them and leaned forward for a kiss. 

Spencer cling her arms on Jin's neck, Jin put her nearer his body by putting his hands on her back as their mouths moved with deliberate enjoyment. They were equally absorbed by the moment. 

Jin was the one who let go. Their eyes are talking. Spencer was confused in a moment when Jin kept a distance but it was  all erased when he swept her to carry  on the bed. His left arm under her knees and the other under her shoulders. 

She felt the warm bed covers on her back. Jin was just lying here awhile ago. But Jin is now lying on top of him. They're face to face and his growing wealth distracted her from her thoughts. The man continued to kiss her. This time,  he kissed her eyelids, the bridge of her nose,  her cheeks and on her chin. She was waiting for their lips to meet again but to her surprise, Jin's mouth went to her neck, leaving small kisses before sucking a portion of her skin. Her body arched and she couldn't help the ticklish feeling so she pulled his hair and let out a small moan...

Jin got more turned on hearing her. He crawled up to stroke her lips again and again. Jin deepened the kiss even more. He pulled his body a little  without breaking the kiss so his hands can creep inside Spencer's blouse. He reached for her back and unhooked her bra, his hands found her breasts and cupped them. He felt her already hard nipples. 

Jin pleasured himself stroking and shoving Spencer's breast while she is letting out moans out of his actions. Short while, he let go to remove his shirt and hers after. 

Spencer has fears but it's being dissolved by their hunger. She helped Jin remove her own clothes and even unzipped his pants. 

Jin was surpirsed and it just made him move agressively. He returned to her mouth. Hungry, asking for more. Their hands busy caressing each other until they cannot even remember how their thinnest under garments were removed. How they are now skin to skin. 

Spencer can feel Jin's manhood. He is seriously hard.  

Jin stopped again staring at the woman under him. She is so beautiful, so sexy.

The ripples of heat traveled all over Spencer's body. She put her hands on his chest while staring at him and then pulled down Seokjin's face to initiate a kiss. His lips are luscious, so sweet. Their bodies are moving  into a rhythm only the two of them know. 

"You're so beautiful..." 

Jin whispered on her ears as he positioned himself to take her. He let his manhood drive inside her and Spencer let out a gasp.

"What? I'm your first?"

Her face turned red after giving a slight nod. "Don't stop."

Jin is overwhelmed. He pursued her again, gentle and careful. He kissed her while he drives until his fullness was there. 

She kissed him back with passion as she plunged into the deepest pleasure she has first ever felt. 

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