Chapter 20

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Kagome's POV

I could hear the sounds of someone screaming in pain. They sounded as if they were in agony. I opened my eyes and felt a sharp pain in my head as bright light invaded my vision. I tried to lift my arm to shield my eyes but I couldn't. I couldn't move my arms. I closed my eyes again and heard another agonizing scream fill the air around me. Chills raced up my body as the screams continued. A shadow appeared over me blocking the light. I opened my eyes again and saw Sango looking down at me. 

"Sango," I whispered. Her face broke out into a smile. 

"Kagome!" she exclaimed. "How do you feel?" 

"Really sore. I can't move my arms." 

She nodded. "Let's get you out of here." Another scream ripped through the air. I saw Sango flinch. 

"Sango? What is that?" I asked her. 

"Don't worry about it Kagome. Inuyasha is fighting Akumu." 

"Is that Inuyasha screaming?" I asked her, feeling a hole start to form in my stomach. 

" Kagome it's not safe to stay here right now. Do you think you can walk?" 

"I could try. Help me up." Sango grabbed my arm and put it around her shoulder and pulled me into sitting position. I looked around me and saw that we were behind Miroku. He was standing there with his staff in front of us, chanting quietly. 

"Miroku?" I asked. 

"He is putting up a barrier to keep us safe Kagome," Sango said as she helped me to stand. 

"Keep us safe from what?" I asked looking past Miroku. And then I saw why. I understood why Sango had looked so afraid. Inuyasha was fighting Akumu in his demon form. Akumu had cuts racing up and down his body. He had blood pouring down his face and into his eyes, turning the grass into a dark rust. He was swaying as he stood there, looking as if he may fall over any minute. Inuyasha stood in front of him, an evil grin on his face. His claws were drenched in blood. There didn't seem to be any wounds on him at all. 

"What happened?" I whispered. 

"This wasn't according to the plan," Sango replied. "He was suppose to let Akumu feed on him and then Miroku and I were to attack from behind and use this exorcism chant that Lady Kaede had taught us to use. But when we got here, Inuyasha was in demon form and ripping Akumu apart." I watched as Akumu tried to stagger away, but Inuyasha just swiped his claws up Akumu's arm, creating a new wound and fresh blood. Akumu screamed and fell forward to his knees. 

"I give up," he yelled looking up at Inuyasha. "I surrender!!!" Inuyasha cracked the bones in his hands. 

"Too late for that Akumu," he said. "I am going to tear you apart and enjoy every second of it." 

"Inuyasha no this isn't you!" I yelled. 

"Kagome no," Sango said. "We need to get out of here before Inuyasha loses what little sanity he does have and comes after you." 

"Sango can Miroku really destroy Akumu?" I asked. 

"Yes we believe that this incantation is very powerful. Lady Kaede said it was an ancient spell." 

"We have to stop Inuyasha before he loses his soul to his demon self. He has never used his demon side to battle before. His demon self only surfaced when Tetsusaiga was out of his reach or he was close death. He chose to fight this battle with his demon form. If he wins using his demon form, he may lose his soul and never change back!!" I was starting to feel my arms again. "Sango let me go. I will talk to Inuyasha. I will get him to stop. Then Miroku can destroy Akumu and we can save Inuyasha's soul." Sango's eyes were full of fear. 

"But Kagome if anything should happen to you..." I could feel the fear start to surface but I remember back to my dream I had several months before. No matter what Inuyasha may do to me, I was going to do everything in my power to save him. 

"Don't worry Sango." I smiled. "It's Inuyasha. He won't hurt me." She looked at me for a what felt like an eternity then nodded. 

"Alright. I will tell Miroku to get ready. Be careful Kagome." I turned back to Inuyasha and took a deep breath and walked past Miroku's barrier. 

"Inuyasha," I said. I watched as he turned to me quickly and his eyes widen. 

"Kagome!!" he said his voice rough. "What are you doing?!" I stumbled over to him, pain filling my every step but I kept going. 

"I am trying to stop you from making a terrible mistake," I whispered. His body grew tense and anger flashed across his face. 

"Mistake?! MISTAKE?! Not killing this monster would be a mistake. Look what he did to you Kagome! How much did you have to suffer because of him?!" 

"I know...that he is a monster and that he needs to die but Inuyasha not like this. Not at the hands of your demon self." I put my hand on his arm. "Inuyasha if you kill him like this you could lose your soul. I would rather this monster live then have you lose your soul and kill him for all the terrible things he has done to us." I reached up and kissed him gently on the cheek. "I love you and Inuyasha and I won't lose you. Not now not ever." Inuyasha's red eyes seemed to burn through my soul and tried find the deep fear that I was hiding but I refused to let him see. "Never let him see the fear," I thought. 

"Ok Kagome. I won't kill him this way," he said quietly. I smiled and then suddenly felt a sharp sting in my back. I felt all the breath leave my body. 

"Inuyasha!" I gasped, falling forward into his body.

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