Chapter 19

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Inuyasha's POV

"Damn," I said as I lost the scent again. 

"Akumu must have moved her again Inuyasha!" Miroku called from on top Kiarra. 

"Yeah I figured," I muttered as I walked around trying to catch any clue from Kagome. I could see where she had been sleeping. Her blood from her wound was in one spot under a tree. He had moved her from here probably two or three days ago. "Damn him," I thought as I looked at the blood spot. Every time we got close enough to her, he moved her. And then every once in awhile he had the nerve to show up and taunt me about it. Like it was all one big game to him. I got lucky one time and almost killed him with the Wind Scar but the lucky bastard had dodged at the last second. I looked over as Kiarra landed and Miroku and Sango dismounted. They were tired. I was tired. We had been searching non-stop for almost two months. 

"Inuyasha is there a scent?" Sango asked. 

"No. We were a little too late this time," I growled. "Next time he won't be so lucky." 

"I can't wait til we waste this bastard," Sango said. 

"I agree Sango," Miroku said. I could feel despair washing over me but I knew that it was only a matter of time. We had Akumu on the run. All we needed was one major slip-up by him then we would have him. I turned to Miroku and opened my mouth to tell them I was going to look around when suddenly an ear splitting screamed sounded from above us. 


"That's Kagome!!!" Sango exclaimed. I was already racing off towards the sound. A light breeze carried the smell of fresh blood. 

"Kagome's blood," I thought as I tried to follow it. 

"INUYASHA!!!!!" she yelled again. 

"Don't call out to her Inuyasha," Miroku said. He and Sango had caught up with me on Kiarra. 

"Why not monk?" I demanded. 

"We want Akumu to think we are not nearby. Element of surprise." 

"Oh I am going to give him something to be surprised about," I muttered. The smell of blood was getting stronger. 

"INUYASHA PLEASE HELP!!!" It took everything in me not to answer her. She sounded so scared. 

"Kagome I am on my way. Just hold on," I thought as I jumped from tree to tree. I soared into the sky and looked around. There was a mountain nearby with a river extending out in front of us. 

"Inuyasha!! Look over there!" Sango exclaimed pointing towards the mountain. I looked over and could see Akumu. He was trying to flee his new hideout before we found him. Kagome was slung over his shoulder and not moving. I could smell a lot of blood on her. 

"He hasn't seen us yet," Miroku called. 

"Ok Miroku and Sango you know what to do," I said. 

"Yes," Sango said. "Kiarra take us down into the trees." I watched as they disappeared into the trees. I landed on a tree near the river and called out, "Hey Akumu!!" I watched as Akumu stopped flying and turned to face me. 

"Inuyasha! My my my to what do I owe the pleasure?" 

"I have come to make an exchange," I said. 

"Oh?" Akumu asked. 

"You let Kagome go and you can have me. I have plenty of suffering to feed off of with the way that I am right now. You let her go and you can have my soul." Akumu seemed to be thinking about it. 

"Now half-breed you mean to tell me that this half-dead human is worth more than your own life." I flinched. 

"Half-dead," I thought, feeling the fear rise up inside me. "Keep it together," I reminded myself. 

"She is my wife Akumu," I said. "I love Kagome. I would sacrifice myself to save her." 

"Let us talk on the ground Inuyasha," Akumu said. He flew to the ground and landed. I jumped down and landed in front of him. "So you would sacrifice yourself to save her?" He laughed. "How far you have fallen half-demon. Where did this love of humans come from? A weak mortal father or a pathetic excuse for a demon mother?" I gritted my teeth. 

"None of your business Akumu. Now do we have a deal?" Akumu looked at Kagome. 

"I suppose your soul has aged enough. The girl is going to probably die anyway from her injuries." He threw her over to me. I caught her and examined her. Her face was black and bruised. Dried blood covered her arm and side. Her robe was coated with dirt. I looked at her leg. The fresh blood was seeping through the crude bandage. She felt so thin and fragile as if she might snap. 

"Kagome?" I whispered pulling her in and kissing her gently on forehead. Her breathing was ragged and sounded painful. She didn't respond to me at all. "Akumu what the hell did you do to Kagome?" 

"Good half-demon feel the despair at knowing she going to die. Feel the anguish." I laid Kagome on the ground gently and stood up, facing Akumu. 

"You are mistaken Akumu this isn't anguish....this is hatred," I said quietly. "I will kill you." 

"Those are big words coming from a half-demon who can not even catch me," Akumu laughed. I reached down to my Tetsusaiga and pulled it out. "I told you that sword is not going to work on me." 

"I know Akumu. That's why I am not going to be using it." I laid it next to Kagome and stepped towards Akumu. "Now time for you to pay for what you did to Kagome."

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