Chapter 15

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Kagome's POV

I could see he was struggling to keep it together. Not even my purification powers could match the sealing powers of Tetsusaiga. He was going to lose it again. I could feel myself slipping in and out of conscious, thanks to the pain that was consuming my body. I grasped Inuyasha's hand, forcing myself to concentrate on Akumu's demonic aura. I needed to push it out of Inuyasha entirely. Then maybe he would be able to keep it together until Sango and Miroku got back.

"Kagome my dear what do you think you are going to accomplish?" Akumu's voice said softly in my head.

"I am going to purify you Akumu," I muttered, holding Inuyasha's hand tighter.

"Not in the condition that you are in my dear. You are too weak to do anything right now. And that half-demon is going to lose his mind very soon. You can barely keep up with his demonic energy."

I gritted my teeth. "I won't lose to you. I can help Inuyasha until we can get the Tetsusaiga back."

Akumu laughed. "Kagome you are a very strong priestess. I was able to experience that first hand earlier. You fought me off. But now you are weak and hurt. I am going to take you away from here. Inuyasha and I are going to play a game of hide-and-seek. Except this game is not a game he is going to win. No matter how it ends up you will die and Inuyasha will be mine to feast on for years to come. But just like a good wine, Inuyasha's soul needs to be aged and full of character before I can really enjoy it." I could feel Akumu creeping into my head from Inuyasha's body. "Inuyasha will not remember what is happening right now. But eventually he will know to come looking for you my dear. And that is when I shall start the aging process. I will hide you from him and watch in anticipation as he tries to find you and fails again and again." I felt Akumu settle into my soul and watched as my hand slowly let go of Inuyasha.

"No..."I whispered as I watch Inuyasha's eyes turn blood red again. "Inuyasha don't let him take me please...Inuyasha....INUYASHA!!!" I screamed as Akumu stood my body up and flew me into the sky. I could see Inuyasha looking up at me, his face seemed confused.

"Inuyasha!!! Don't let him take me!!!" I screamed again. But I knew it was too late as the air around me seemed to glow. The last thing I saw was Inuyasha reaching a hand up towards me and I could hear him say, "Kagome?"

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