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A Blend Of Kindness And Cruelty: Sesshoumaru Love Story by Taishou_Angie
A Blend Of Kindness And Cruelty: A. Rajgovind
"Listen here. I just had to say that... I will protect you." He said. She stared at him for a moment, then sighed and looked down, disappointed. He started wal...
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Stronger With You (Koga Fanfic) by alice-sanctuary
Stronger With You (Koga Fanfic)by welcome
CURRENTLY UNDER REVISION Aki finds herself back in time, surrounded by demons and weird people! Not to mention she is stuck with Koga. But is he really all that bad? Rem...
  • fanfiction
  • miroku
  • kagome
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Sesshomaru's Twin Sister by ElegantRose269
Sesshomaru's Twin Sisterby ElegantRose269
The sister of the Great Sesshomaru of the West has come about. She roams the lands being the only Miko Inu demoness in all of Japan. How will her appearance impact the g...
  • miroku
  • overpowered
  • kikyo
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Without You | Sesshomaru by LyraUlric
Without You | Sesshomaruby Lyra Ulric
An unknown force draws Lyra, Kagome's cousin, to the Higurashi shrine. After accidentally falling into it, she finds herself in a completely different world. Whilst tryi...
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  • sesshomaruxoc
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The twin*ON HOLD* by KiannMariee
The twin*ON HOLD*by Kiannmariee
What if Kagome wasn't the only girl in her family? What if she had a twin that was forced to go with her wherever she went? This is the story of how me and Koga fell in...
  • kenta
  • kagome
  • kiara
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Somewhere in Time by hanzelwrites
Somewhere in Timeby Hanzel Writes
It started with the smell of tears. Sesshomaru was drawn to her. Kagome was perplexed by him. Their paths always crossed, and these odd encounters unknowingly wrote the...
  • naraku
  • sesshomaru
  • fanfiction
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An Endless Journey Of Love ~ Sesshomaru X Reader by Ak1zaV
An Endless Journey Of Love ~ Ak1za
You're a girl who grew up in a wealthy family, with a love for music and traveling. You set out to see the world, when you happen to meet Sesshomaru out in the grassy hi...
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Reincarnation || Inuyasha Fanfiction by DarlingDamn
Reincarnation || Inuyasha _ Ms.Creator_
" I am the love of his life, you were noting but a crush." Hiroki Kiyohara had no idea what he wanted in life, in fact he had planned to Moche off his best fri...
  • boyxboy
  • anime
  • sango
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A New Pack by FantasyWriter345
A New Packby FantasyWriter345
When Inuyasha lets Kikyō join the pack without Kagome's consent, she and Shippo leave the pack. Along their journey, they make a new pack: a dragon demon prince, a kind...
  • adventure
  • inuyasha
  • shippo
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Inuyasha Fanfic: Mystery of Mitsuki by Lachiquis1195
Inuyasha Fanfic: Mystery of Mitsukiby Lachiquis1195
Mitsuki Higurashi was adopted by the Higurashi family when she was young. Years have passed and she's been happy. But what happens when a centipede monster pulls her sis...
  • rin
  • inuyashafanfiction
  • kaede
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M I N E: a Sesshomaru Fanfic by Pooh-san
M I N E: a Sesshomaru Fanficby Nyxxxxx
Kira Higurashi may be the sister of Kagome Higurashi but She looks nothing like kagome, she has long black hair and emerald green eyes. Kira always gets bullied for her...
  • sesshomaru
  • sango
  • fanfiction
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Soul Mate // Inuyasha by withlovehes
Soul Mate // Inuyashaby sinthia
We're best friends. We're like sister. We always joked that we were a soul in two different bodies never did we think it was true - I do not own the content(the show a...
  • soul
  • sesshomaru
  • shortstory
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Sesshomaru's Euphoria by Celia321
Sesshomaru's Euphoriaby Celia Rayanne
Naomi is the half sister of Naraku, except she was born of Fox But an unknown side resides within her Before Naraku became who he was, he wanted more power, so he figur...
  • phoenix
  • sesshomaru
  • inuyasha
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His Changing Heart (Sesshomaru X Reader) by Katherine_771
His Changing Heart (Sesshomaru X Katherine
You live in the present time. you're a 17 year old girl who is quite different from people. When you get pushed down a well at a shrine by a fox spirit that you helped...
  • maroku
  • inuyasha
  • anime
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Fleeting Embraces, Falling Feelings ~ Naraku X Reader by Ak1zaV
Fleeting Embraces, Falling Ak1za
You're a girl with a love and knowledge for flowers. With a fleeting encounter with a man who possesses eyes of crimson fire, your admiration that started out in a form...
  • naraku
  • demons
  • xreader
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The Unexpected Billionaire (Hanakuyo maid Team X Male Reader Harem)  by Swagmaster4209
The Unexpected Billionaire ( Swagmaster4209
You were just normally living your life when all of a sudden out of nowhere you become the next heir to your family company that your grandpa left for you.
  • ichigo
  • harem
  • yashima
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The Sight Of The Future: A Legacy (a Koga x Reader fanfiction) by versaiillxs
The Sight Of The Future: A Rome
Your name is Arinaga Ishikawa, and you're a third year in high school. You're good friends with your second year cousin, Kagome Higurashi, and one day she leads you to a...
  • inuyasha
  • kagomehigurashi
  • reader
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Maiden of the Peach by LittleMoeMow
Maiden of the Peachby Katie Conrad
The Senka Maiden is born once every century, a mortal woman with a demon god's soul. If a demon were to eat of her flesh their strength would increase by a hundred fold...
  • timetravel
  • first
  • inuyasha
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Inuyasha's Decision, Kagome's Heart by toriinyell16
Inuyasha's Decision, Kagome's Heartby Victoria
-Inuyasha loves both Kikyo and Kagome but, when he lost the one he truly loves, he has to get her back. Can he stand to hurt the woman who was his first love? -Kagome i...
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