Chapter 6

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I had been stupid...again... 

This time was no different from the rest. I had fallen into a trap and not even realized it. And she was paying for my stupid mistake...again. I had to find her. She had to be safe. She just had to be. I needed her to be. If she wasn't no telling what I may do. And it would still be all my fault. 

I stopped and sniffed the air. Up ahead. She was there in the house. I raced toward the house and took a mighty leap and piled through the side of the house. Timber fell around me and the house creaked as if it might collapse. 

"Kagome?!" I yelled, catching her scent in the house. I looked around desperately and saw her standing on the opposite side of the house. 

"Kagome!! Are you ok?" I asked. As I walked over to her, I noticed she was holding something. 

"Kagome what are you doing?" 

"She cannot hear you anymore Inuyasha. She is ours now," said a voice from Kagome's arms. 

As I got closer, I could see a light-haired infant lying against Kagome's chest. 

"What the hell?" I whispered as I felt an evil aura emanating from Kagome. 

"She is ours now Inuyasha. She will be our eyes and we will find the last few shards of the Shikon Jewel. She is now Naraku's slave," the infant said, a cruel smile on his face. 

I looked up at Kagome and saw that her face was blank and her skin had an unusual paleness. But her eyes screamed terror. She was pleading with me for help. 

"Free Kagome now," I demanded, grabbing my Tetsusaiga and letting it transform. 

"You cannot hurt me without hurting her," the infant snickered. "So what will you do?"

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