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Kagome Uzumaki by FantasyWriter345
Kagome Uzumakiby FantasyWriter345
Inuyasha has killed Kagome in order for Kikyo's soul to be whole again. Fortunately, Kagome is reborn into the world of shinobi: Konoha. She is the nine-tails jinchūriki...
  • alternateuniverse
  • kiba
  • choji
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Naraku Rewrites The Stars by LowlifeAcrobat
Naraku Rewrites The Starsby Lowlife Acrobat
A Naraku x Kagome fanfiction inspired by the song Rewrite The Stars performed by Zac Efron and Zendaya in The Greatest Showman told in short chapters. Kagome lets go of...
  • kagome
  • songinspired
  • romance
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A Pure Shinobi by FantasyWriter345
A Pure Shinobiby FantasyWriter345
Kagome thought that she and Inuyasha will finally be together after the fall of Naraku and the jewel finally gone. But she catches him with another woman. She soon encou...
  • anotherworld
  • shinobi
  • kakashi
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Somewhere in Time by hanzelwrites
Somewhere in Timeby Hanzel Writes
It started with the smell of tears. Sesshomaru was drawn to her. Kagome was perplexed by him. Their paths always crossed, and these odd encounters unknowingly wrote the...
  • naraku
  • featured
  • miroku
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My Choice InuYasha fanfic by Weetinng
My Choice InuYasha fanficby Weetinng
Kagome stayed in the fedual era and had fallen for an inu taiyoukai and when a voice told her something, she became a different person physically....part mental the adve...
  • kagome
  • sesshomaru
  • inuyasha
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Fetch by Deathblade97
Fetchby Shadowfang120
Kagome's playing fetch on the beach with Inuyasha, but what is Sesshoumaru doing there... and what does he want to play fetch with? Sess/Kag rated for language and sugge...
  • sess
  • fanfiction
  • romance
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Inuyasha's Sisters by StacyAnnGordon
Inuyasha's Sistersby Nightmares
The story about inuyasha having two younger sisters
  • naraku
  • shippo
  • miroku
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A Heart Shattered into a Million Pieces by LadyAdalicia
A Heart Shattered into a Million P...by LadyAdalicia
Crossover Fanfiction - Inuyasha x Uta no Prince Sama After a devastating final battle, Kagome is left heart broken and grief ridden. To help her move on from her grief...
  • inuyasha
  • crossover
  • sesshomaru
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M I N E: a Sesshomaru Fanfic by KWEENMERCURY91
M I N E: a Sesshomaru Fanficby MERCURY DARLING
Kira Higurashi may be the sister of Kagome Higurashi but She looks nothing like kagome, she has long black hair and emerald green eyes. Kira always gets bullied for her...
  • sesshomaru
  • inuyasha
  • shippo
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Mating Season) Inuyasha x Kagome Lemon by hatcats
Mating Season) Inuyasha x Kagome L...by A sad frog.
After Kagome returns from the modern era Inuyasha seems strange (that is when she sees him). What Kagome doesn't know is that demons go through mating season once they t...
  • lemon
  • kagome
  • inuyashaxkagome
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Sesshomaru's Mate : The Snow Maiden (Yuki-Onna) by ElegantRose269
Sesshomaru's Mate : The Snow Maide...by ElegantRose269
Many do not know of her, however, she is as fearsome as is her exquisite beauty. Being a Yuki Onna whom does not suck the souls out of young men, fallow her adventure as...
  • naraku
  • rin
  • inuyasha
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Closer to Nirvana (Naraku x Kagome) by InkMaster_-
Closer to Nirvana (Naraku x Kagome)by Calamity Jean
(Naraku x Kagome) We all know how the original story goes. InuYasha falls for Kikyo and upsets Kagome but she ends up forgiving him in the end. But what if she didn't fo...
  • memyselfandi
  • kagura
  • inuyasha
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Sesshomaru's Twin Sister by ElegantRose269
Sesshomaru's Twin Sisterby ElegantRose269
The sister of the Great Sesshomaru of the West has come about. She roams the lands being the only Miko Inu demoness in all of Japan. How will her appearance impact the g...
  • jaken
  • overpowered
  • bandofseven
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The Tale of Azami by bookqueen09
The Tale of Azamiby Book Nerd
One choice can lead to a million outcomes. And none of them are what Inuyasha and his friends are expecting.
  • shikon
  • naraku
  • fanfiction
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Que inesperado (SesshomaruxKagome) TERMINADA  by Yan_skyblue
Que inesperado (SesshomaruxKagome)...by Yan_skyblue
"La vida te da sorpresas, sorpresas te da la vida" (Los personajes de Inuyasha le pertenecen enteramente a la gran Rumiko Takahashi)
  • sesshomaru
  • sesshomaruxkagome
  • fanfic
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Inuyasha (Sesshomaru Love Story) by jv1338091
Inuyasha (Sesshomaru Love Story)by Jasmine Valadez
Sakura is the adoptive older sister of Kagome and Sota Higurashi. Unlike her siblings, she takes a great interest in learning about demons and the way of a priestess. Wh...
  • inuyasha
  • higurashi
  • kagome
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Sesshomaru x Reader (lemon) Beneath the beast by Hipster_Kimster
Sesshomaru x Reader (lemon) Beneat...by kimberly Danielle
Will the senka maiden live another moment with the unpredictable Sesshomaru, will rins hatred towards her send him ibto a blind rage? only time can tell because either w...
  • reader-insert
  • readerxcharacter
  • innocent
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The Girl and the Wolf(InuYasha fanfiction)  {EDITING} by ErikaShinigami
The Girl and the Wolf(InuYasha fan...by 🌸 Eri 🌸
Selena, the cousin of Kagome, travels to feudal era and falls in love with Koga! Discover her adventures in the feudal era and the secrets she unveils!
  • koga
  • kogaxoc
  • inuyasha
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I'm In Inuyasha!? What the hell!? (Inuyasha fanfic) by FertileVeil6549
I'm In Inuyasha!? What the hell...by WritersAmys
Hey! Okay so I was thinking of another Inuyasha fanfic like my others. So here it goes! A girl by the name Kasuya (Ka-sue-y-a) lived in Arizona with her parents, since...
  • songo
  • kiara
  • inuyasha
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Inuyasha x Reader (MAJOR EDITING) by HaveFaithinFaith22
Inuyasha x Reader (MAJOR EDITING)by Faith🌹
*Ranked #2 in inuyashaxreader *Ranked #4 in Inuyashafanfiction *Ranked #30 in Kagome *Ranked #9 in Inuyasha *DISCLAIMER: This stort was written about a year ago, and has...
  • kagome
  • wattys2018
  • inuyashaxreader
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