Chapter 11

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I woke up to the sounds of birds and sunlight streaming in through the window. I looked around the room and saw Kaede and Sango sleeping not far from me. Shippo was tending the fire and a pot boiled above the flames. 

"Hi Shippo," I said. Shippo jumped and looked up at me. 

"Kagome!!!" he said, a smile forming across his face. He ran over to me. "How do you feel Kagome?" 

"Well my body aches and my head hurts even worse. What happened?"  

Shippo sat next to me. "Miroku and Inuyasha were able to expel Akumu from your body. Then Inuyasha carried you home and bandaged up your wounds." 

I lifted up my arm. "He did a really good job," I murmured. 

"Yes considering his hands were shaking the entire time." 

I looked up from my arm and saw Sango had come over. 

"What do you mean?" I asked. 

"His hands were shaking the entire time he was cleaning you up," Sango said. "He looked so scared." 

I pushed myself up and felt how sore my entire body was. 

"Kagome! Take it easy," Shippo said. 

"Where is Inuyasha?" I demanded, standing up and changing into my priestess robes behind the screen. 

"We don't know," replied Sango. "He disappeared last night into the woods. Miroku went to try and find him but he has not returned yet." 

I could hear the anxiety in Sango's voice. I walked over to the doorway and grabbed my bows and arrows. 

"Kagome what are you doing?" Shippo asked. 

"Going to look for Inuyasha. He is in danger and something is wrong with him," I replied. 

"I am going with you," Sango said. "I am worried that he and Miroku have yet to return." 

"What about the children?" Shippo asked. 

"Shippo when Lady Kaede wakes up, will you ask her to fetch the children from my neighbor's house?" Sango asked. 

Shippo nodded. "We will take care of them Sango." 

Sango turned to me and said, "Kiarra is outside. We can take her to search for them." 

I waved goodbye to Shippo and walked out with Sango. Kiarra was ready for us. As we flew towards the woods, I thought about the dream I had. 

"Inuyasha please don't do something stupid," I thought. "I am on my way to save you."

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