Chapter 13

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Kagome's POV

"Inuyasha?! Miroku?" Sango called from in front of me. We were riding Kiarra over the tops of the trees, calling into the forest below. 

"Sango I think we need to get lower," I said. 

She nodded and patted Kiarra on the head. "Let's go down further Kiarra." Kiarra growled and we moved into the forest. 

"Miroku?!" I called, looking around for a sign of something...of anything. "Inuyasha?" Kiarra suddenly veered off to the right and flew toward a figure on the ground. 

"Miroku!!" Sango exclaimed. He was waving at us. We landed next to him and Sango jumped off and ran toward him. 

"Are you ok?" she asked. 

"Yes I am. But I was unable to find Inuyasha." Miroku turned to me. "How are you feeling Kagome?" 

"Sore but alright," I said jumping down from Kiarra. I looked around the forest, trying to see if I could catch a glimpse of Inuyasha. 

"I am sorry Kagome. I haven't been able to find Inuyasha," Miroku said. 

"I don't think he wants to be found," I replied softly. 

"Maybe we should give him some time to himself," suggested Sango. 

"But with Akumu out there, trying to feed on him, I don't think giving Inuyasha time to himself is the best course of action right now," Miroku said. 

"Miroku what exactly happened with Akumu and Inuyasha?" I asked.  

Miroku folded his arms. "Akumu possessed Inuyasha last night while I was away. From what we can gather, Akumu can make a person relive old fears and create new ones to put sorrow into one's soul. Then Akumu feeds on the sorrow, taking away the person's soul in the process." 

"Inuyasha said that because he was a half-demon and could take more demonic influence than a regular human, Akumu felt he could feed on Inuyasha's soul for a longer period of time without having to find a new host for a while," Sango said. 

"I wonder if Akumu's presence was affecting Inuyasha a couple nights ago," I said. "Inuyasha was having nightmares. Even though Akumu was not targeting him directly and probably had no idea who Inuyasha was, his presence was so strong that Inuyasha's subconscious could detect it and suffered because of it." 

"But why did it not affect us all?" Miroku asked. 

"Inuyasha told me that he had heard of demon attacks near here lately," I said. "And we know how he tends to worry even though he keeps it to himself. Because of the attacks, his mind probably drifted to the past and his natural worries became affected and increased due to Akumu's proximity." 

"But why would Inuyasha worry?" Sango asked. 

"He has had so many close calls to Kagome's life and with the loss of Kikyo still in his mind, Inuyasha worries a lot. He never shows it to us but I know he does worry about the safety of Lady Kagome." 

"That stupid idiot!!" I yelled, surprising Sango and Miroku. "Always doing dumb stuff like that. Going all macho and mysterious. Why can't he just ask for help every once in awhile?!" I stood there huffing as my voice echoed through the forest. 

"Uh Kagome are you sure you are ok?" Sango asked tentatively. 

I sighed and said, "Yes I am sorry. I am fine. Just...stressed." 

Miroku nodded. "That is to be expected Lady Kagome. You have been through a lot recently." 

"Yeah," I said, my voice soft and quiet. "No matter how much I am annoyed at him," I thought. "I am worried about him. Where is Inuyasha?" 

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