Chapter 12

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Inuyasha's POV

I could hear Miroku calling my name but I kept quiet while he searched the forest in front of me. 

"Inuyasha!! It is not safe to be out!" he said, looking around the trees, trying to catch a glimpse of my red robe. "Akumu will be hunting you down. We need to stick together!" 

I watched as he sighed and continued forward, deeper into the woods, calling my name. 

"I can't put her in danger again," I thought as I turned and raced off in the opposite direction of Miroku. "If Akumu wants me so badly, he can come and get me. And leave Kagome out of it." I thought back to when I had left her at the hut. She had been severely hurt from her battle with Akumu and with us. I did not want her to go through that again. 

"Kagome I will go and take care of Akumu and then return back to you. I am not going to let my own fear kill you." 

"Inuyasha. Now just where do you think you are going?" a voice whispered in my ear. 

I jumped up and turned to look behind me. 

"Akumu!" I growled. "Where are you?" 

A laughter filled the air but I could not tell where he was. 

"Half-demon I have told you before. I am in places where your claws cannot reach me." 

Once again a splitting pain raced through my head. I landed on a tree branch and put my hands to my head. 

"Akumu!! Get the hell out of my head!" 

"Inuyasha. I need you to not run away. I cannot enjoy your soul if you are not feeling enough pain. And even though your soul is already full of intense pain and suffering, you soul will taste sweeter with fresh sorrow added to the mix." 

"Well I am not going to let you take over Kagome!" I yelled. 

"I am not going to take over Kagome again. Trying to control a priestess is not easy. She was a very strong individual. But you my friend are just a half-demon. I can easily control your mind." 

I could feel Akumu moving around in my head. 

"What are you doing?" I asked. 

Suddenly I felt my arm move towards Tetsusaiga. I watched as I lifted it from my robe and drop it to the ground. 

"Why can't I control my own body?" I thought as I struggled to stop my arm. 

"I have control of it now half-demon. And now for your mind...."

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