Chapter 21

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Inuyasha's POV

Akumu was laughing. All I could see was a knife covered in blood in his hands and Kagome falling in front of me. 

"Kagome!!" I yelled, catching her as she fell. "Kagome!" I put my arm around her and held her facing me. Her eyes were unfocused and confused. 

"Inuyasha?" I heard her whisper. "What...what happened?" I could feel blood pouring out from the stab wound in her back. 

"Shhh....don't talk right now Kagome. It is going to be all right." I felt fear rise up in me and overtake my mind. Kagome was going to die. Right here right now in my arms. And there was nothing I could do!! 

"I knew I could get the most out of you if I killed Kagome right in front of you," Akumu laughed. He was standing up and a fog seemed to connect him to me. He was feeding off my soul. "I knew that if Kagome died in your arms that you would be so paralyzed by fear and sorrow that I could take the best nourishment I had in years from you at that precise moment. I have won Inuyasha. And Kagome will die. Just like I told her that she would." I wanted to rip Akumu apart, to tear his body from limb to limb and watched the ground drink up his blood. But Kagome's hand was on my arm and she squeezed it gently. 

"Stay with me Inuyasha," she whispered. I could feel my strength starting to leave. All the fear and anguish from the past few months slowly faded away. Nothing else mattered except Kagome. I brushed her hair out of her face and kissed her gently on the forehead. 

"I won't leave you Kagome," I whispered. A smile formed across her face. 

"Everything is going to be all right now," she said. I could hear a scream from very far away, but that didn't matter to me. 

"Kagome don't leave me please. I need you to stay with me," I said. 

"I won't leave you Inuyasha. I promise." 

Black spots filled my vision. I guess Kagome and I were going to die together. That was ok. I couldn't live without her and I knew that she felt the same way....

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