Chapter 8

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Kagome's POV

"Man it is late Kiarra. I sure hope Inuyasha isn't worried about me," I said as I rode Kiarra through the air back toward our village. "At least the weather is warm right now so we aren't traveling in the cold."

Kiarra growled as if to agree with me. I petted her fur and said, "Thank you so much Kiarra for taking me back and forth to Jinenji's house. When we get back, I am going to get you a lot of fish to eat." Kiarra purred contentedly.

"Ok we are almost there. Let's go ahead and land and we can walk from here." Kiarra made her way down and we landed in a little clearing in the forest. Kiarra transformed and jumped up into my waiting arms. She snuggled down and closed her eyes. "That's right Kiarra. Get some rest. You definitely earned it today."

I found the path that led into the forest and started walking. It was dark but the moon was shining through the trees, lighting up the path pretty well. Kiarra was sleeping peacefully in my arms. I was not scared of being here all alone. I had walked this path many times in the daytime and night. I was pretty good with my bows and arrows and this time I had sweet Kiarra with me.

"We are almost there," I thought to myself. I couldn't wait to see Inuyasha. I had told Jinenji about Inuyasha's nightmares and he had given me a plant to make into a tea. "That way Inuyasha will sleep better at night," I whispered to Kiarra as I stroked her head. A cold breeze swept through the trees and I shivered. Kiarra woke up and started growling.

"Kiarra?" I asked. "What is it?"

She jumped out of my arms and transformed into her larger self. She bared her fangs at the path in front of us. I sensed an evil presence and took my bow and an arrow and notched it.

"Who is there?" I demanded.

A menacing laughter filtered through the trees.

"You must be the priestess Kagome. Inuyasha's woman. I have been looking for you."

A cold shiver went up my back. That voice was coming from behind me. I turned around and let loose my arrow. I watched as it soared through empty air and hit a nearby tree.

"You cannot hit me my dear. You cannot see me. But I can see you!" A force shoved me to the ground hard.

"Kiarra!!! Let's go!!!" I yelled, scrambling up and running over to her. She allowed me to get on and then lifted us up into the air.

"We need to get out of here and find Inuyasha," I told her. She started flying in the direction of the village when a hurricane like wind hit us and down we went. I fell off of Kiarra and started free falling through the air.

"Kiarra!!!" I screamed as I watched her fall to the ground hard.

"Do not worry about her," the voice whispered.

He was in my head!

"You are about to be in a lot of pain my dear."

I tried to grab onto the tree branches as I hit them but I was going too fast. I could feel the skin scraping off as the branches slipped out of my hands.

"Inuyasha!" I screamed as the ground came racing up to me. A flash of yellow appeared under me as I landed. "Kiarra!" I thought. I landed on Kiarra and she let out a yelp of pain.

" Kiar...ra," I gasped as I tried to catch my breath. I rolled off of her and stumbled to my feet. Blood covered my arms and legs from where the tree branches had scratched down my skin. I was too scared to look at my hands, knowing from the pain that I felt that they also had to be bleeding. I looked over at Kiarra. She was covered in dirt and grime from the fall and didn't seem to be too badly hurt but I was sure that I had hurt her when I landed on her.

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