Chapter 14

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Inuyasha's POV

Blood. Weak mortal. Easy prey. 

The girl in front of me was already wounded. She was pinned. No way she could escape my claws. 

Kill. Blood. More. 

I needed to kill. I needed more blood to be spilled. The smell of it excited me. I wanted to drain it from all living creatures. I could feel something in the back of my head, pushing at me to kill, to take away her fragile life. As if I needed any convincing. My entire body was ready to watch the life drain from her eyes and the ground soak up her blood. 

But then she touched my hand. This weak defenseless creature reached out and touched me. A part of me screamed for me to end her now but I paused. There was something in her touch, something familiar. It calmed my mind. The scent of blood was now no longer a sweet drug but a horrifying realization. I know this girl. A sense of peace seemed to take over my body and I felt myself starting to focus clearly. This girl...this woman...." I felt myself whisper. Kagome smiled up at me, even though she clearly seemed in pain. 

"Inuyasha you heard me!" I looked down at her face and could see it was streaked with dirt and tears. She also had blood running down her cheek. It looked almost as if she was crying tears of blood. 

"Kagome!!" I knelt down in front of her and grasped her hand tightly. "Don't let go Kagome," I said. "It is the only thing keeping me from giving in to the demon side." She nodded and then turned her head. I followed her gaze and saw where she was pinned down by the tree branch running through her leg. 

"Inu..yasha.. It hurts," she whispered. I looked back at her. 

"Don't worry Kagome. We will get you out of here." I put my hand up to her face and wiped the blood from her cheek. 

"Kill her Inuyasha!" a voice screamed in my head. I gritted my teeth against the overwhelming urge to give in and listen. Instead I grabbed the tree branch that was piercing Kagome's leg. I broke it off close to the wound and then put my arms around her. 

"Kagome," I said, struggling to stay sane, "I am going to pick you up. This is probably going to hurt." Her pale face nodded up at me and she pulled herself in closer. 

"Go ahead," she whispered. I pulled her up slowly, watching at the branch pulled out of her leg at an agonizingly slow pace. I could see the pain flash across her face, but she never said a word as I pulled her up and carried her over to the trunk of the tree. I sat her down. 

"Inuyasha are you ok?" I heard her ask. 

"Shh Kagome," I said. "Just rest now. And Kagome..." I pulled her face up close to my own. I could feel the pull of my demonic nature, screaming at me to rip her apart. "No matter what happens I love you Kagome." She smiled. 

"I know Inuyasha I love you too."

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