Chapter 1

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I woke up with a start. Kagome's face was staring down at me, concern in her eyes with a slight twinge of annoyance.

"What?" I demanded. She sighed, relief replacing the concern.

"I think you were having a nightmare," she said.

I snorted and sat up.

"Pff I don't have nightmares. What do I have to be scared of?" I picked up Tetsusaiga and stood.

"Naraku is dead and the Shikon Jewel is destroyed. I have nothing to be afraid of."

Kagome sighed again and stood up. "It's ok to have nightmares you know. They remind you of what you have."

"I didn't have a nightmare ok?!" I growled, turning to her. Her face was saddened by the tone in my voice I could tell but there was no way I was going to let her know that the idea that I had almost lost her so many times plagued me occasionally. I knew that I had hurt her though because she dropped the subject and started putting on her priestess robes.

"Hey," I said, my voice gentle. "I am sorry. I just don't want to talk about it ok?" She nodded and reached down and picked up her bows and arrows.

"I will drop it," she said, walking over to me. I wrapped my arm around her waist and pulled her in, kissing her.

"Where are you off to today?" I asked her. She smiled and said, "You already forgot didn't you?"

"Forgot what?" I asked as she pulled away and pulled open the straw mat across the door. Light poured in from the morning sunrise, illuminating her face. Her cheeks were rosy now. Not like that time I had just dreamed about. Panic shot through me as I was forced to remember how close I had been to losing her.

"I am going to get some more supplies from Jinenji. I used the last of my herbs on helping Sango and Miroku out with the cold that the girls had." She smiled at me. "What are you doing today?" I quelled the fear that was building up inside me and placed Tetsusaiga in my belt.

"Miroku needs help exorcising a demon. I say exorcising but it is more like conning someone else out of something," I grumbled.

"Ah but you are going with him in case this is a real demon huh?" she said brightly.

"Bingo. I have heard rumors that a demon has been causing panic at nearby villages lately." I followed her outside into the morning air. "Somebody has to keep that monk out of trouble."

"Alright well I should be back in time for dinner."

"Hey isn't someone going to go with you?" I asked.

"Everyone is busy. Sango has her hands full with the twins and the new baby. Kaede and Rin are in a neighboring village trying to help with some sickness over there. Don't worry Inuyasha. I have my bow and arrows with me. I know the path pretty well. And I am going to go over to Sango's and grab Kirara. That way I will not be until tomorrow and I have some added protection." She smiled again and reached up and kissed me on the cheek. "I will see you tonight Inuyasha."

"Ok. Just be careful," I said, rubbing her head. She nodded and walked off toward Sango's and Miroku's. I didn't like the idea of her going off by herself but it was daytime and she was going to have Kirara with her. Besides after the destruction of Naraku and the Shikon Jewel, demons weren't seen as much in the surrounding area.

"They probably know of Kagome's spiritual power and don't really want to mess with her," I thought as I made my way to the outskirts of town. Miroku would be another hour or so. Mornings didn't suit him very well. Especially with the sleepless nights he was getting from the kids. I jumped up in a tree and settled myself into a comfortable position. Might as well get a nap in while waiting. That dream had given me a restless spirit....

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