Chapter 3

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I felt something hard hit my foot. Startled, I sat up and forgot I was on a tree branch. I tried to regain my balance but fell out of the tree and landed on my stomach.

"Ouch," I groaned.

"You need to pay more attention to your surroundings Inuyasha," a voice said from above me.

"Normally I do monk but today I decided I needed a nap," I growled jumping up and brushing the dirt off of my robe. I turned to see Miroku leaning against his staff, sleeping standing up. I sighed and said, "Did the baby keep you up last night?" He snored in response. "Hey listen when I am talking to you Miroku!" I slapped him on the back and watched as he fell flat on his face.

"Inuyasha! Why would you push me?" he demanded sitting up and glaring at me.

"Hey you knocked me out of the tree. I was only trying to talk to you and here you are standing up sleeping like you didn't get any sleep last night."

Miroku yawned and said, "I didn't. The twins had nightmares and the baby kept crying and crying. Sango is still asleep right now. We have a neighbor watching the kids."

"Well let's get going and try to finish this exorcising business," I said, offering Miroku my hand. He nodded and grabbed my hand, standing up and brushing dirt off his clothes. "Where is this house anyway?" I asked as we started heading out of the village.

"It is just a little ways away. They live outside the village and sometimes they come into the village to trade vegetables for supplies and such. They came to Kaede for help with this demon problem they have been having lately but when the sickness came up and she had to leave with Rin, she asked that I help out."

"Uhuh for a price I am sure," I muttered.

"Well naturally," Miroku said, a smile on his face. "I have a growing family to feed. I need compensation for exorcisms."

I rolled my eyes and folded my arms across my chest. "Did you see Kagome this morning?" I asked.

"Yes she did stop by early this morning and took Kiarra with her. She said something about seeing Jinenji and needed to borrow Kiarra for the journey," Miroku said, yawning. "I remember mumbling something about certainly and then she left with Kiarra." I saw him turn to me. "She also mentioned something about you having nightmares last night?"

I scowled. "She doesn't need to be telling everyone my business!!"

"She is just worried about you Inuyasha. She mentioned you haven't been yourself lately. She said all you do is sleep whenever you get the chance and that every time you do, you seem to be moaning and tossing and turning. What is plaguing you?"

"None of your damn business monk!" I shouted.

"Inuyasha stop this foolishness. We have all been through so much together. I know when you are lying and Kagome certainly knows when you are hurting." Miroku's face was full of concern. "Kagome looked so sad this morning as she talked about you. What are you hiding from her?"

I sighed and looked up into the sky. It was the brightest blue, not a cloud in the sky. "It has been almost four years since we defeated Naraku. And not once in those four years had I ever had a nightmare. Kagome being back with me cured me of any nightmares that I may have had in the past." I looked over at Miroku. "But recently I keep dreaming about different times in the past. That time I almost lost you all to the fire and poison and then when we were trapped in the Shikon Jewel. Each time I dream about her death or her being lost to me forever."

Miroku nodded as if he understood. "I too have nightmares sometimes Inuyasha. I look at Sango and our wonderful children and think what if she had died that time?" He looked down at his hand where the wind tunnel use to be. "Or what if I had died due to the wind tunnel that was I cursed with?" He looked back up at me. "It is okay to think back to those times. Those times that we almost lost the one we love remind us to cherish what we have now and value it more."

"That is what Kagome said this morning," I whispered.

"Then she is a wise one indeed," Miroku said. "Oh we are here."

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