She's Confident

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Lauren's POV

"Camz?" I said while keeping my eyes on the road.

"Hmm?" She softly answers not looking up from her book.

"Have you ever been in two places at once?" I ask looking over at her.

"No but , I've wanted to since I was a kid" She says. I stay silent .

"Why?" She asks putting the book down.

"Just asking" I said stopping the car.

"Why did you stop the car?" She asks as I got outside the car.

"Lauren we're in the freakin' middle of nowhere-No we're not come here" Camila said before I cut her off.

"What?" She asks stepping out of the car.

"You heard me" I smirked.

"Look , if this is some sick ass fantasy you have of dragging me out here to kill me. I'm getting back in the car and leaving you" Camila said walking to where I was standing.

"Put one foot there , one foot there" I said showing her where to place her feet.

"I don't get it?" She said.

"Now you're in two places at once" I said directing her to look at the state line.

"No fucking way!" She she yells in excitement.

"Thank you!" She saids before jumping on me causing me to fall back on the concrete.

"You're welcome" I said. She looked into my eyes for a minute I felt like my heart stopped then, she gave me a peck on the lips and it started to beat again. I don't know how that's possible but, that's what it felt like.

Camila's POV

I quickly got off of Lauren and brought her up with me. I turn music playing from inside the car , I rush over to turn it up.

"Dance with me?" I ask.

"I don't dance Camz.. I can't" She says nervously.

"You're telling me you Lauren Jauregui can't dance? I ask. She shyly nods and bits her lip. Aww how cute.

"Come on" I said taking her by the hands.

"What are you doing weirdo" She ask.

"Watch me, then you do it" I said. I started to dance along with the beat of the music. I let my self get lost in the words.

(Focused, I'm focused
She got a body like that
I ain't never seen nothing like that (eh,eh,eh)
Like a fantasy in front of me
I think that something special is going down
That's right I think she foreign
I think she foreign, got passports
Mi amor started slow, got faster
She gon' work some more, twerk some more
No stopping her now, no stopping her now

"Woah" I heard Lauren say. I stopped dancing to look at her , her eyes look like a darker shade of green and her pupils are dilated.

"You think you can show me again?" She asks. I nod and stand in front of her so the back of me is facing the front of her. I placed her hands on my hips , I didn't think much about it.

"Follow my lead okay?" I said. She slowly nodded. I began to sway my hips and move along with the beat once again. After a few seconds Lauren picked up and was doing the same thing I was. Then, she pulled me closer to her.

"I like being this close to you" She whispered in my ear. It sent a shiver down my spine. Then out of things I heard..

"Then she started dancing, sexual romancing , Nasty but she fancy, lipstick on my satin sheets ,What's your nationality? I wonder if there's more of you" She half sung and whispered in my ear then kissed me on my neck. She turned me around and I'm still in shock. My body is screaming "Lauren take me now!" While my mind is saying "Shut the hell up" This is not helping.

"You're a good dancer" I said almost barely audible.

"Had a good teacher I guess" She said. I look down at the ground and she brings her hand to my chin and raises my head up so I have to look at her.

"I like you Camila" She whispers before leaning in to give me a kiss.

"I know" I said , winking at her then, running back to the car.

Holy shit , Lauren Jauregui just said she likes me..

Lauren's POV

I don't what she's doing to me but, I like it. She's confident

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