Just So You Know

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Camila's POV

This whole goddamn plan has been fucked off from the beginning, it was fine from the beginning getting her to fall for me, pretending to like her and everything.

"This is your fault" Mike said rubbing his temple pacing back and fourth.


"Yeah Mila! You were suppose to get her to like you , so she can change her ways not make her fall head over heels in love you like..she wasn't suppose to fall and get hurt" Dinah said angrily.

"If I remember cocorrectly all of you came up with this idea on your own. You called me. Not the other way around. I never wanted to hurt her but you all insisted on doing this for her health. Look where she is a hospital from a heart attack what 17 year old has a heart attack! " I said raising my voice.

"You love her don't you"Ally asks.

"I wish you would stop saying that" I muttered.

"It's obvious, you caught feelings for her" Normani said.

"You can't not catch them" I said sitting down.

"I had to tell her! None of you know what it's like being with her. I know things I didn't know then. She deserved a chance. A real chance. " I sighed.

"Did you expect to like her Mila?" Chris asked whilst I became silent.

"Why'd you take the job"Taylor asked resting a hand on my shoulder as ahe sat next to me.

"Would you do it, If you had a second chance to be with someone you fell for the moment you laid eyes on them" I smiled, she sliently nodded her head.

"The hell are you talking about Chancho"Dinah asks giving me a strange look.

"I'm saying..You guys don't remember me but I remember you. My real name is Karla Camila Cabello, when you were all freshmans I was a skinny, awkward girl , with glasses, I didn't even talk but, first day of senior year I had Lauren in an advanced class and at first I thought

it was a stupid crush because she would be so nice to me and constantly made the effort to talk to me. I never did. .towards the end of graduation, She change I never knew why" I said finally letting it all out after years.

"Is this some sick high crush type thing? " Normani asked taking the seat next to me.

"I love Lauren"

"Great. Now that you love her and she knows everything we're all fucked. " Dinah chuckled.

"Um are you all here to see Lauren Jauregui?" A doctor asks approaching us. We all nodded silently.

"Can we see her?" Mike asks.

"She left an hour ago, she said she didn't have any family or friends"He said awkwardly.

"The hell" Ally muttered.

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