I Don't Wanna Know You Anymore

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Lauren's POV

When I had woken up from whatever happened to me, I realized that I was in a hospital and the doctors told me that I had suffered a heart attack due to stress. I mean that summed it up. At this point I'm like fuck everything and everyone, well not Ally she attempted to stop everything while Normani kept it going.

I still can't believe any of this is true, I can't believe my family, my so called friends, my "girlfriend" ha. Just when I thought I was finally going to be happy , something come along and knocks me down on my ass.

I guess that's my fault.. I needa get the hell out of Miami..

Camila's POV

"We should have never done this, we should have let her be Mike" Clara whispered while I was in the backseat of the car along with Chris and Taylor.

"No we did the right thing we just picked the wrong person" He said scolding me through the rearview mirrow. I let out a sigh and continued to look out of the window.

"He didn't mean that" Taylor whispered, lightly squeezing my hand, causing me to form a little smile. I always liked Taylor she always knew what to say like Ally..The thing is even know this was a job..I become attached to everyone involved.

Once we were inside the house we all sat down in the living room in silence. Until, Mike spoke.

"Camila..we're still going to pay you. A promise is a promise" He said softly which took me by surprise an hour ago he was yelling at me.

"I don't want your money" I whispered as I put my head down in shame.

"You're a good person Mila" Chris said rubbing me gently on my back.

"Why would you say that knowing it's not true?" I said. This whole family has lost their damn minds.

"Its not about what you did, you told the truth, when we didn't" Mike said standing up, I repeated the same action. He slowly walked over to me and pulled me into his embrace.

Is he hugging me? I caused him his relationship with his daughter , and he's hugging me.

"We should go look for Lauren"Clara spoke, They all obliged , making an exit for the door.

"I'll meet you guys in the car" They all nodded. I rushed over to Lauren's room just to make sure. Much to my disappointment she wasn't their neither were her things..the closest was completely raided. I cautiously continued to look around the room. 'This is my fault' I muttered bringing myself to the bed. There lied a note, along with a Polaroid picture we took on our first date. I picked up the note and slowly read it to myself.

"It's not like this actually concerns you so called family , friends- excluding Ally and my girlfriend (using that term lightly) Whoever is reading this, I left Miami, I don't know where I'm going. I guess, I'm going where the wind takes me. Being here in Miami with people that I cared about , having them plot against me for an unknown reason. Funny how things to turn, I want nothing to do with Any of you and as for Camila..a huge part of me wants to hate you but, because of who you were to me I can't do that..even though you were deceitful during "our relationship" whatever you want call it..a part of me is grateful because you taught me what it was like to be in love ans how to love so, thank you. Don't bother looking for me because , you simply won't find me and I think you will unless it's written in the stars like some tragic love story anyways.. I gotta go. I love you Camila..keep the picture Camz"

By the end of the last lines I was in tears.

"Camila what's wrong?" Taylor asked stepping in the room.

"She's not coming back" I whispered wiping my tears away , sticking the picture in my pocket, handing her the note.

A/N : I almost cried writing this but, if you want to cry listen to "Do You Think About Me" By Carrie Underwood. Put me in my feels. I wonder what's gonna happen next.

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