Doesn't Mean A Thing

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Lauren's POV

I was in class with Kylie waiting for Camila. I purposely chose not to sit in the middle of them but , let Camz have the honor of sitting in the middle of us.

"Excuse me" Camila said rudely

"You're excused honey" Kylie snapped back. Let the games begin I thought to myself.








Half way through the class I could see Camila getting annoyed with Kylie flirting with me every ten seconds.

"Babe?" Kylie said moving Camila out of the way.

"Hmm?" I said writing down notes.

."Come here , I have to tell you something?" She said leaning towards me.

"What?" I turned my head to meet her gaze and she leans in even more and kisses me right in front of Camila.

"If you two love birds don't mind I'm trying to work" Camila said pushing my face away from Kylie's

"A little fiesty today aren't we Cabello?" I ask.

"You've seen nothing yet" She says putting her soft lips on mine. This is nice I thought to myself as soon as I was about to deepen the kiss she stopped and pulled away.

"Did you just kiss my girlfriend?" Kylie ask Camila pushing her into me. Camila laughed to herself and popped the bones in her neck.

"Maybe did I" She turns back and tooks at me "Seems like she liked it" She said blowing me a kiss. The next thing I know I see the palm of Kylie's hand go across Camila's watch. I have two options I could either stop or watch Camila's next move. So , I decided to watch Camila's next move & sure enough Camila knocked Kylie out of her seat and punched her into the face repeatedly. Strangely , I liked seeing two girls fight over me by the looks of it Camila won without a scratch on her.

"I didn't know you had that your in Cabello" I said while looking at Kylie.

"Theirs alot of things you don't know" She said walking out of the class room.








Camila's POV

All of this bullshit over Lauren , I can't stand her. She brings out the worst in me. I feel like my hand is going to fall off.

"What if I want to know?" I heard a voice say. I looked around the hall and my eyes my met those green eyes that have drove me insane these last 2 months.

"What?" I asked.

"You said "Theirs alot things I don't know about you" and I'm telling you, what if I want to know? " She asks approaching me.

"Why would you want to know?" I asked.

"Cause , I care" She softly said.

"Wow. The Great Jauregui cares about little me. I'm honored" I said with so much saracasm in my voice.

"Why is that so hard for you to believe?" She said holding onto my head.

"It's you that's why" I huffed.

"You don't like me do you?" She said looking at my injured hand.

"Honestly , I can't stand you." I blurted out.

"Someone's blunt today" She said giggling at my words.

"Sorry not sorry" I said looking at my now swollen hand.

"Come on" She said grabbing my backpack off my shoulder.

"Where we going?" I ask. She's always trying to get me somewhere.

"First the hospital cause you need stiches, secondly we're going on at date later?" She said walking in front of me.

"A date?" I question her.

"Yeah , you know when two people go out get to know each other ever been on one?" She says. I shake my head no. Cause , I've never been.

"Well , tonight should be fun then Camz" She says grabbing my free hand.

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