Same Girl

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* 2 weeks later *

Lauren's POV

Prom is almost here and she still hates me and I have to turn her into prom queen. I've spent a whole month with this girl and I've gotten nowhere. I still think it's funny she'd think I'd actually fall for her. I said it once before and I'll say it again to be clear ..Lauren Jauregui doesn't fall in love. Anyways , toda Camila is coming to my house for a makeover from me and the girls. Her wardrobe is a tragedy. I will NOT be seen with her like that again. Speaking of the little angel. She just texted me.

From Camz :

Ehh, I'm outside your house...

To Camz :

Okay , just come in.

Dear lord please let her look decent. Please! I get towards the front door and see her standing there. She has her hair pulled back in a ponytail , with this really baggy shirt and faded jeans. God , don't let me mention her glasses and what is up with her and this sweater. Did I mention , she has exactly ONE sweater she wears it all the time.

"Why are you just staring at me like that?" She asks. I didn't realize that I had been staring so long , I thought I stopped.

"No reason, Go to my room" I say kind of rudely . She walks past me and purposely bumps into me with her shoulder. I hate her . I swear I do.

"What are they doing here?" Camila asks stopping in front of my door way.

"Come on we don't bite Mila" Normani says with a smile on her face. Camila slowly walks into the room and takes a seat in an empty chair.

"What are we doing?" Camila asks me.

"You're getting a makeover" I tell her giving the girls the signal to go.

"I call dibs on makeup!" Normani yells.

"Oooh I can do her hair" Ally says clapping.

"I got the clothes" Dinah says pointing at the outfits the already bought.

"How do you know those fit?" Camila asks Dinah.

"Girl , I just know . Trust me" She says picking up on outfit.

"Okay. Well what are you going to do?" She asks me.

"Watching & Deciding" I said with a smirk on my face.

"Let's go Mila" The girls say dragging her into the bathroom.

They've literally spent hours doing her make up and making her put on different clothes. I was exhausted looking at her so much. All these outfits where wrong for her. Dinah had one outfit left.

"Try this on" Dinah says handing her the outfit. I didn't even get a good look at it hopefully it's not like the other one's ..








Twenty minutes later I hear Camila come out of the bathroom. I look up from my phone and notice her .

"How does she look?" They asks me while she's standing in front of me. She was wearing this skin tight red dress, with a black bow and some black heels.

"Wait , lose the bow" Normani says . Camila starts to take it off..

"No, keep it she looks perfect." I whispered that last part.

"What?" They ask.

"Nothing , I said she looks good." I said. That was close.

"You think she can pull it off?" Ally asks me.

"I think she's got it" Dinah says nudging me.

"Yeah , well we'll see on monday." I tell them.

"I'm here , if you haven't noticed" Camila says.

"The new her is" Normani whispers to me in my ear.













*Monday Morning*

Today I decided to drive Camila to school because , I know she walks to school on mondays and if she would have messed up her outfit. I would have killed her. We pulled up into the school parking lot and everybody was staring at Camila. The girls were waiting for us in our normal spot by their cars.

"Why are they staring at me Lauren?" Camila asks as we get out the car.

"Their staring at me not you" I said but, I knew they we're staring at her. We started to walk to where the girls were and everybody was checking out Camila. I could here them all whispering.

"Damn who's that with Lauren" A guy said

"Are they dating?" Another said I would never date her . I would have to be insane.

"Damn that girl next to Lauren is hot" A girl said.

Then Austin walks up us.

"Damn Laur who's your new friend? She's cute" He asks checking Camila out . She starts blushing. What the fuck is she doing? I grab her hand and interwine her fingers with mine.

"Austin , you know Camila." I tell him looking at Camz. She starts to smile.

"Cabello. That's you?" He asks and she nods. We walk off because I know if he would have stayed he would have ruined my chances of winning the bet.

Once we got to the girls Camila left because she wanted to get to class on time. As she was walking away everyone was talking to her. All the attention was on her and she was loving it.

"Damn , Lauren you created a monster" Ally says giving Normani a high five.

"A hot monster" Dinah said with her eyes on Camila. I shrug it off .

"Let's go , I don't want to be late to class" I told them.

"Since when do you care about class?" Ally asks me.

"Today" I whisper. I start walking away but, I take a look back at Camila.

Maybe this wasn't the right thing to do. A bet is a bet though..

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