You Did It

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Lauren's POV

"Guys..I think I'm gonna have Camila meet my parents"I said loud enough for only them to hear. This class is filled with Nosy people.

"You like her don't you?" Ally asked , with a huge smile.

"I think so" I muttered.

"Oh, now you like her? That's not my business though"Dinah said. I was taken back by her response.

"Who pissed you off this morning" Normani asked her.

"Nobody I'm just saying, I think it's messed up you take this bet with us and catch feelings for the poor girl when she doesn't even know, that's she's just a fling for you" Dinah said. The class suddenly got quiet.

"You're any better? You secretly like her! I see it in your eyes when you look at her. You're the one who's pretending to be her best friend. At least she knows I like her! " I yelled.

"This is getting out of hand" Ally said calmly.

"No... I like where this is going" Normani said not helping the situation.

"Their causing a scene" Ally said raising her voice, Normani just shrugged her shoulders.

"Jauregui! Hansen! Hernandez! Kordei! Do you mind?" The teacher yelled at us, we became quiet but, only for awhile.

"You're supposed to be my best friend!"I whispered looking past Ally and Normani to get a view of Dinah.

"I am but , Camila isn't just some bet, a fling, one of your one night stands! She deserves better than that. Better than you"She yelled. The whole class was saying "Oooh burn" She had to do this here. Then the class go really quiet.

Camila walks in and everyone stares at her while I walk up to her.

"Why is everyone staring at me?" She muttered looking around the room.

"I don't know their crazy" I said.

"Not like you. I feel bad for you Camila. You deserve better!" Somebody yelled from across the room.

"What are they talking about Lolo?"Camila asked me worriedly. I stayed silent.

"Lauren?" Camila asked attempting to again my attention but, I avoided her gaze.

"Tell her now or I will" Dinah said getting up out of her seat. I wanted to literally kill Dinah at this moment she's ruining everything.

"Please don't tell tell me you cheated"Camila asked as I fiddled with my fingers, I silently shook my head. I looked down at the ground I can't say it.

"Then?" She questioned. I stayed silent again.

"She's just using you Camila, you're nothing more but a bet to her."Dinah scolded.

"Is that true?" Camila whispered, lifting my head up to meet her gaze. I locked eyes with those beautiful brown orbs with tears in my eyes knowing this is going to hurt her. I silently nodded.

I felt Camila's hand connect to my face.

"I deserve that..and alot more"I said holding my now bloody nose.

"I knew it was too good to be true"She whispered, walking away from me.

"Camila wait!" I said pulling her into me but she pushes me away.

"Camz, listen to me! When you walked into my life I didn't know that you were gonna mean this much to me. Yes, you were a bet..that's how it started but, down the line I fell for you. Like you fell for me. I love you Camila" I said as tears began streaming down my face. All of the sudden she starts laughing?

"Why are you laughing"I questioned.

"Wow. You thought I loved you? God, no wonder why I hated high school." She chuckled.

"What are you saying" I said backing away from you. The girls came into the hall and looked at us.

"I was hired by your parents, I mean they told me you were a piece of work but, this. This is way more than I expected" She said.

"What is she saying" Ally asked. I stood there in shock.

"I'm saying Ally, I was paid to change Lauren's "ways" and make her fall into commitment. I'm 21 I'm not even in high school" She smirked.

"So everything us, everything we did our first date was all a lie" I said with anger inside of me.

"Pretty much" She said. I had this feeling in my chest I couldn't explain it. It hurt like hell..I felt as if my heart was actually breaking..more like stopping.

"Lauren?" Dinah called out, I slowly turned back to look at her then took at look at Camila, then collapsed.

Camila's POV

"You gotta be kidding me" I mumbled catching Lauren in my arms.

"What now?" Ally asks.

"Keep the plan going, let's get her to a hospital" Normani said.

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