You're Still A Loser

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Camila's POV

Why is this girl trying to take me to an unknown party in the freaking woods. Is she trying to murder me!? The whole way there she said nothing to me in the car. She just drove , no words , not even music, I'm going to die. She parked the car infront of this cabin , I hear music but, it's not coming from the cabin. We both get out the car and I stop and look around.

"Come on , party is this way" Lauren said making me follow her.

We walked pasted the cabin , going deeper into the woods. It was like the who senior class was at this party..what am I doing here?

Then these girls walked up to us.

"Oh my gosh! You guys came! One of them said hugging Lauren then, hugging me.

"Hey , I'm Ally" She said eagerly.

"Nice to meet you" I said with a smile.

"Hi I'm Dinah & this is Beyonce I mean Normani . Your Camila right?" One of the other girls said. She must be the funny one.

"Hey" I said greeting them both with a small smile.

"Ready?" Lauren asks holding onto my hand. I pull away and she laughs.

"Yup" I say walking over to the cooler. Yess! It's lemonade in here!

"Camz , can you get me a beer from there?" Lauren asks dancing on some random girl. Fuck no.

"No! You can have a lemonade asshole!" I say throwing the drink at her. I open up the bottle and drink it. Lauren whispers something to Normani and they start to laugh.

Lauren's POV

"Camz, can you get me a beer from there?" I ask Camila nicely.

"No! You can have a lemonade!" She yells at me. She looks at the girl I'm dancing with in disgust and throws the bottle of lemonade at me. She starts to drink hers.

"She actually thinks that's lemonade" I whisper to Normani. We look over at her and start to laugh a bit. Camila walks off looking pissed.

Maybe , I should be nice to her. I did invited her here and I'm not even hanging out with her. I left the girl I was dancing with and went to go find Camila. I looked around the whole lake and still no Camila. Maybe she went to the car? I go back to the car and see someone sitting on the truck of the car..Camz

"What are you doing out here by yourself?" I whisper to her.

"Just thinking I guess. I was going go back but , I got lost." She whispered back. I sat down beside her.

"How did you get lost? The party is right there" I said to her. Who gets lost 50ft from where they were.

"Really?" She slurres and starts to laugh.

"Camz? Are you trunk?" I ask . She doesn't reply she just keeps laughing.

"How many bottles of lemonade did you have?" I ask her. She seems really out of it.

"Hmm 2 or 3..Somebody gave me medicine ..I feel amaaazing." She said looking up at the sky.

"Who did?" I said. Everyone knows not to mix pills with alcohol.

"What's her name...what is it... " Camila said snapping her fingers.

"Come on think.." I said looking at her.

"Taylor!" She shouted.

"Vaughn?" I asked. She nodded and kept laughing. That bitch ..You always have the one person you regret going out with. Well she was that one person. I hopped off the trunk and stood in front of Camila.

"Come on princess" I said to her. She hopped down into my arms. We stood their inches apart from each other.

"You called me princess" Camila said walking towards the party. I need to go find Taylor. I held onto Camila's hand and made sure she didn't sneak off.

"Lauren ..Can we dance...?" Camila asked me..

"Later okay?" I told her she nodded and kept walking. Their she is I saw Taylor with Keaton out of all people! We walked over to them I pushed Keaton aside gently. Taylor looks at Camila with a smirk on her face..

"What did you give her!" I yelled at Taylor.

"Something to help her relax" Taylor said popping a pill.

"Whar the hell does that mean?" I said pushing her.

"It means , her new friend roofie is gonna help her" She said before winking at me..

"You drugged me??" Camila asks latching onto my waist.

"Lighten up. You could use a little fun..both of you could" Taylor said drinking her beer...

"You're a bitch!" I yelled at her.

"It takes one to know one honey..You left me for that." She yelled at me.

"I wonder why dumbass" Camila whispered. Taylor walked up to her..She dumped the whole bottle of beet on Camila's long sleeve red dress. She lets go of my hand and she has tears in her eyes.

"Aww are you gonna cry? You're still a loser. She'll never want you.. nobody will. You're disgusting" Taylor whispered. Camila ran off and Taylor and Keaton started to laugh. I pick up the empty beer bottle and slam it against Taylor's head. She falls to the ground and Keaton stops laughing.

"You think that shit is funny now?" I whisper to her.

"Not cool Laur" He says picking her up.

How could I let that happen ..I should have never brought her here. I get to the car and Camila is their crying.

"Are you okay?" I ask walking up to her.

"I let her get to me" She whispered before I pulled her into a hug.

"I'm sorry baby , their assholes. I'm sorry" I whispered in her ear.

"Can you take me home?" She said. I nodded. I pulled away from her and put my jacket on her..

Camila's POV

I woke up with this huge ass headache. I'm never drinking again. Ever in life! Wait, how did I get home last night? How am I even in my bed? I don't remember coming in the house. I feel my phone vibrate and I check it. It's a text from Lauren?

From Lauren :

Hey , I hope your okay. I'm sorry you didn't get your dance. I'm sorry about everything else too..See you at school Camz.

Oh and next time don't have me put you in your room using your window.

Ohh so that's how I got inside..I sat on my bed and thought about last nights events. How was I ever so dumb to let that happen to let her get to me.

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