High School Games (Camren)

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Lauren's POV

'I swear Jauregui , you think your just irrestible and every girl wants you" Dinah said.

'Well, at one point of time I had all three of you didn't I?" I ask. Point for Lauren.

"But, can you do it with it a random stranger and make her prom queen?" Ally said entering the conversation.

"I bet I could" I said giggling.

'Well then , I dare you to do the bet. Pick any girl at this party free of your choice but, you have to do it within the school year" Normani says before taking a drag from her cigarette.

"Any girl? To be prom queen" I ask.

"Not any girl exactly" Dinah says smirking at me. What the hell is she smirking about? Ain't shit funny.

"Then what was the point of saying any girl dumbass" I said playfully punching Normani in the arm.

"Okay who?" I asks looking around the room checking out the girls..

"What about her" Dinah says causing us to look at a girl who was eating food off this guys chest.

"Fuck no" I yelled. I'm glad the music was up loud .

"Okayy.. Oooh that girl" Normani says pointing at a girl who was dancing half naked on the table.

"No thank you!" I said before laughing.

"Hmm , her!" Ally says pointing at this shy girl sitting alone in a corner. I spit out my beer..

"Come on . Really?" I asked . Nornani and Dinah look over into the direction of the girl.

"Perfect!" They all said in unison.

"Go work your magic Jauregui" Ally says . I shoot her a death glare and walk over to the girl.

I sit down beside her , she looks at me then takes a sip of what she was drinking.

"Cool , party huh?" I ask trying to start a conversation.

"Y-Yeah" She says looking away.

"I'm Lauren-" Is all I could get out before she cut me off.

"I know who you are. You're Lauren Jauregui, you're a senior , captain of the soccer & softball team. You could have done basketball but, it wasn't your thing. You have three bestfriends Dinah , Ally and Normani. Oh, and to top that off you're the only school openly announced lesbian. Not to mention you like to fuck and duck" She says loud enough for me to hear. Obviously , this is gonna be harder than I thought.

"Damn well.. I just wanted to tell you that I think you look pretty tonight" I said getting up and walking back to my friends.

I think i've just met my match.

*One Week Later*

"Why is school nessecary? Ally said taking off her sunglasses.

"You wanna pass this time don't you" Normani says attempting to whisper to her. Dinah laughs and receives a slap upside the head from Ally..

"Check it out Laur, their goes your girl" Dinah says looking at me. I see the girl sitting down at a table by herself.

"Fuck you asshole" I muttered. I decided to go start a conversation with her.

I walk over to where she was and I guess she didn't notice me. I stand their just looking at her. Seriously, what is her thing with all these things in her head ? Like, everyday it's a different one. How many can a person own.

"You know you shouldn't stare it's rude" She said looking up from her book.

"Oh , umm sorry. What are you reading?" I asked taking a seat next to her. She doesn't say what book it is. She just shows me the cover of it. "The Book Thief" damn well she's smart I give her that.

"Oh cool , I like that book." I said hoping for a response but , I got nothing.

I continued to sit there and shortly the bell rang to go to first period. She gets up from the table and starts to walk away. I follow her , damn she's fast walker.

"Can I walk you to class?" I asked.

"The great Lauren Jauregui wants to walk me to class. Did hell freeze over? Are pigs flying?" She says trying to be funny. I smile bit because it's funny.

"Yeah , where you going?" I ask walking side by side with her. Walking past a whole bunch of classrooms.

"Here" She whispered. Psychology? She takes this class. Well, that explains the night at the party.

She started to make her way inside the class room, I reach for her arm causing her to stop.

"What's your name?" I ask never realizing I never knew it.

She took awhile to answer like she was thinking. More like debating to tell me or not.

"Camila" She said and walked away.

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