Well Yeah

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Lauren's POV

I swear that little girl is freakin' evil. What did I even do to her. Jesus for a little girl she hits like a grown man! Besides , the little demon hitting me. My night was pretty good..I got to be with Camila but, meeting her parents freaked me out. Nobody has ever taken me to meet their parents. I felt kinda important..it sucks that this bet is still going on..but, Camila's actually a good person . I don't want to hurt her.




*The Next Day at School*

"Can we call of this stupid bet?" I asked the girls leaning against my car.

"Oh hell no , you want to call it off a week before prom when Camila is destinend to win. Not happening" Normani said.

"Come on maybe Lauren's right , we should call it off" Ally said calmly then immeditately started laughing hysterically.

"This bet is stupid" I yelled.

"What bet?" Camila whispers walking up behind me snaking her arms around my waist.

"We betted Lauren that she could-That I could let you drive my car" I said cutting Dinah off.

"Aww Lolo , you never let anyone drive your car" Camila cooed.

"Exactly" I mumbled.

"How cute!" Dinah said. I shot her a death glare and mouthed "little fucker" while flipping her off then, Camila smacked me upside the head.

"What the hell Camz" I said rubbing the back of my head.

"Be nice Lauren Michelle Jauregui" Camila said now standing in front of me.

"Sorry" I growled.

"Ooh she pulled the whole name card on you. Good one Mila!" Normani said giving Camila a high five.

"Haha can we just get to class people?" I asked holding Camila's hand. They all nodded and we went our seperate way from the girls.

"Hey..thanks for the other night..you know letting me meet your parents no one has ever done that for me..you know it says alot" I said looking down at the ground.

"Well that's what couples do babe..meet each others families" Camila giggled.

"Haha yeah but, seriously Camz..I like you..and I want you to meet my parents" I said without thinking.

"Y-you want m-me to meet your family?" She studdered nervously.

"Well yeah" I whispered shyly.

Camila muttered something but, I couldn't quite make it out. She just smiled then told me she'd love to meet them.

Camila's POV

"She wants to what!" They yelled.

"You heard me" I scowled.

"That wasn't suppose to happen, this was suppose to be simple" One of them huffed.

"She can't help it..neither can I" I whispered.

"You love her don't you?" The other asked.

"What? No. This is a job remember?" I snapped.

"Quit your shit , just don't let your feelings ruin it" They snapped back.

"Fuck" I muttered tapping my pen against the table.

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