The Set Up

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Lauren's POV

"Ahh! Lauren come in, come in. I'm Alejandro and this is my wife Sinuhe" Camila's Dad said introducing themselves.

"Camila has told us alot about you" Sinuhe said with this genuine smile.

Wait, she talks about me?

"I hope not too much" I said. They laughed but, it wasn't a joke.

"Come. Dinner is almost ready" Sinuhe said. I followed her parents into the dining room. As I was walking something catch onto my leg causing me to trip.

"Sofi!" Camila yelled helping me up off the floor. The little girl just stood there eye-ing me down. Did I do something to her?

"Apologize!" Camila demand but, the little girl stood her ground.

"Who are you?" The little girl asked narrowing her eyes.

"Lauren" I said kneeling down.

"Ohh you're ? ooooh Mila!" Sofi said.

"Shut up Sofi" She muttered and Sofi ran to where her parents where.

"So , what was that?" I chuckled.

"Nothing" She said averting her eyes away from me.

"You didn't tell me we I was meeting your parents" I huffed running my fingers through my hair.

"Yes I did. Ally, Normani & Dinah were there so don't try to pull that shit on me. You just weren't listening" She chuckled.

"I was distracted.." I said.

"Distracted my ass" She huffed.

"Your ass in a distraction" I winked.

"Walk" She said pushing me.

"What's up with little killer there" I asked pointing at Sofi as we entered the dining room.

"Oh she can't stand you. She likes you less than I do" She said giving Sofi a high five.

"What? Kids love me!" I let out sitting down next to Camz.

"Not this one" Sofi said scowled me. Camila laughed like what the hell did I do to this kid. Who pissed in her fruit loops this morning. Evil demon. I will make her like me.

Camila parents brought the food out and set on the table and we began to eat.

Camila's POV

"So Lauren do you think you guys are going to win the championships? Camila tells me you're the captain of both the soccer & softball team" My dad say.

"Well , to be honest sir I really don't care for winning the game just playing it is enough for me" She said flashing me a smile. Good answer Lauren...Sofi sat across from Lauren while my mom was sitting across from me and me dad to my left with Lauren on my right.

"How long have you and Camila dating?" My mother asked.

"About a month and a half" She said intertwining our fingers the hell is she doing? We're not together , I mean we are but aren't .

"Mr. & Mrs. Cabello to be honest I've liked you're daughter since I first laid eyes on her , this last month and a half with her has been amazing. She's the most beautiful , intelligent , wisest , goofiest , confident young woman I've ever meet. I'm thank to you and her for allowing me to have her in my life" Lauren said. My jaw almost dropped to the floor. Did that just really come out of her mouth? I knew she was a good actress but, damn that's worthy of a damn oscar right there.

"That was so sweet" My mom said wiping a tear away while my dad got up to hug Lauren are they really buying into that shit? I mean for a second I did too then , I realized who I was dealing it.

"That's disgusting" Sofi muttered causing me to giggle.Lauren flipped her off and my mom smacked Sofi softly upside the head.

The rest of the dinner went on pretty good. After we finished I walked Lauren outside to her car.

"Thanks for doing this" I said sitting on the hood of her car.

"No problem. They love me" She giggled.

"Come here" I said pulling her closer to me. Once we were close enough I closed the gap between us. She snaked her arms around my waist , while wrapped my hands around the back of her neck. In all honesty I liked kissing Lauren she was quite good at it but, I wasn't gonna tell her that . She started to slide her hands father down my waist but stopped and pulled back a little and rested her forehead on me.

"Camila I lo-Lauren Lauren!" Sofi yelled coming out of the house running towards us. Lauren pulled away completely.

"Told you she'd coming around"Lauren smirked.

"What's up kiddo?" Lauren asked.Sofi didn't say a word with one swift punch to her pelvic area Lauren bent down holding her "womanhood"

"Touch my sister or hurt her you die" Sofi said patting Lauren on the shoulder.

"Got it" Lauren said slowly nodding her head. Sofi ran back inside the house with a huge smile on her face.

"I'm so sorry!" I said trying to sound serious.

"It"s fine, I'll call you when I get home babe" She said giving me one last kiss before getting into her car and driving off.

Shit..I never found out what she was going to say..fuck.

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