The Wire

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Lauren's POV

Who does she think she is walking around here like she owns the goddamn place. Who gave her the fucking right!

"You did" Dinah says checking the girl out from across the wall.

"What?" I ask.

"You said "

Who does she think she is walking around here like she owns the goddamn place. Who gave her the fucking right!" and I said "You did" are you okay?" She asks while taking pictures of herself.

"I said that out loud?" I asked. She nods and I feel like a complete dumbass Great. Camila notices me staring at her and walks over to us.

"Hey sexy" Camila says smacking Dinah on the ass. My mouth dropped open . I was in shock. Did those words just come out of her mouth?

"Hey" Dinah says placing a kiss on Camila"s cheek.

"Close your mouth , you'll attract flies honey" Camila said finally acknowledging my presence. She closes my mouth and my feelings of shock were soon replaced with feelings of anger.

"You little bi-Aww is my Lolo so adorable when she's mad" Camila said cutting me off and smacking both of my cheeks.

"Babe!" Camila says running over to practically jump into some guy's arms. She turns back to look at me. Then kisses him passionately.

"Hey beautiful" He said with big grin on his face.

"Let's go I don't want to be late" She told him and they walked away.

Camila's POV

"You kiss disgustingly" Wesley said. I said playfully punching him in the arm as we walk to my next class.

"No I don't! You just saying that cause you're gay!" I said.

"True" He let out but , obviously had something else to say. So I gave him that 'say it' look.

"What your doing to her isn"t right and you know it...All I'm saying is Karma's a bitch Mila" He said stopping in front of me.

"Yeah . Well life is bitch" I said moving him aside to walk into my class.. Once I stepped through the door everyone applauded me. I looked around the room and saw the posters Lauren made. Makes sense now.

"I'll vote you too Camila!" A guy yelled from the back of class yelled.

"Me too!" Everyone else said. I said down and everyone stopped clapping once Ally , Normani and Dinah walked in followed by Lauren.

"Hey Mila!" Ally and Normani said at the same time.

"Hey" I said , winking at them just to piss Lauren off. Which is did Lauren brush right past them. Normani & Ally gave me an apologetic look and went to go sit down with Lauren while Dinah stayed by me.

"You look good today Mila" Dinah said nervously. I caugh Lauren's attention once more.

"You know who else looks good today? I seductively whispered in her ear.

"Lauren?" She asked. I shook my head 'no' and leaned in closer to her.

"You" I said loud enough for to hear. She closed the gap between us and I kissed her like we were the only two people in the room. The whole time I was looking Lauren right in the eyes. She looked hurt but , something lit up inside of her and stormed out of the room. I looked over at Normani and Ally who's mouths were still on the floor.

"Woah" Is all Dinah said. I just patted her on the back and let her catch her breathe. I acted as everything was fine because it was until I heard a loud bang outside the lockers..The fuck was that.





Lauren's POV

This little game Camila is playing has gone waaay past my bet with the girls. Camila wants to play games ? That's what high school is all about. Games and Two can play at this particular game..








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