Who Knows

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Camila's POV

School has been good so far , besides the fact that all the guys keep staring at me like I'm some piece of meat. It's uncomfortable. I was in first period and Lauren sat by me which was awkward. It's strange for her to even been in here.

"What are you doing here?" I ask her while she gets her stuff ready for class.

"It's my class , I have to be in here" She said it like she was confused.

"obviously but , you're never in class. Why is today so different?" I ask. Which is a reasonable question. She mumbled something but , I couldn't hear it.

"Hey" Austin says .

"Oh hey Austin?" Why is he here? I thought to myself this isn't even his class.

"Austin" Lauren bluntly says. What's wrong with her. He smirks at her and she turns the other direction.

"So Mila? Is it okay if I call you that?" He asks and I just nod.

"So, I was wondering if you want to go out sometime" He says sweetly.

"That sounds-" I started to say.

"Sorry , Austin . Camila is with me." Lauren said cutiing me off. What the fuck. Since when was this shit.

"Oh. Well, hit me up anytime Mila" He said sliding me his number. I smiled at him and he walked away.

I look back at Lauren and she looks pissed off.







By the end of the day I was like literally dying from exhaustion. I didn't feel like walking home. I was waiting for Lauren by her car . I saw her walking closer to me and she rolled her eyes at me.

"Get in" She says rudely. I stand there and look at her.

"Get in!" She yells. She pushes me into the car and slams the door once I'm in. She gets in the car and doesn't even start the ignition.

"What the fuck is your problem!" I yelled at her. Her hands were gripping the steering wheel. Why is she just sitting there being silent!

"You" She said.

"What did I do" She's been the one ignoring me all day.

"You can't give me answer can you!?" I said raising my voice at her. She looks at me and the next.thing I know her lips are on mine.

"I'm sorry. That was a mistake" She said almost whispering. I stay silent because , I don't know what just happend.

"I'll you home" She whispers. I nod because I'm still shocked.

Lauren's POV

I let it show. That was always the trick..NEVER let them show.

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