Lie To Me

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Camila's POV

The moment is replaying in my head over and over , and over again. I know it happend obviously cause I was there but, It's like fucking mind blowing. Why the fuck would she kiss me? Then to make matters worse she was my first kiss. I haven't talked to her in days though. I went out on a date with Austin it was okay. Don't get me he's a nice looking guy and he's sweet and all but, I felt wrong with him..I felt something missing. I don't know what it was .

"Hey Chancho!" Dinah says putting me back into real.

"Oh, Heyy Dinah" I said giving her a small smile.

"So , you know your nominated for prom queen?" She said.

"WHAT!" I yelled. What the fuck.

"Yeah , look around.Girl hot is in and your it" She said winking at me. I look around and see Ally , Normani & Lauren handing out flyers to vote for me as prom queen. They make our way over to us and I glare at Lauren.

"Can I talk to you for a sec?" I said pulling her away from everyone else.

"What the hell Lauren!" I yelled .

"Whoa , chill . It's literally 10am no need to be yelling" She said rubbing her temple.

"Chill? You want me to chill! I'm not in the mood to chill!" I said I felt someones hand tap my shoulder.

"What!" I snapped at the person. I turned around and saw Dinah with her hands up in defense. I shot her an apologetic look.

"What made you think I wanted to be prom queen?" I ask Lauren.

"I didn't think to ask you. I just thought It'd be cool. I just wanted to do something nice for you" She said loud enough for me to hear.

"Just forget it" She said walking past me. She started to rip every poster off the wall or flyer out of everyones hand that had my name on it.

Lauren's POV

This is why I hate her and everyone else. I try to do something nice for her ungrateful ass and she fucking yells at me. The fuck is her problem. Ally tells me to "give her time" news flash what people don't realize is I'm running out of time. I have a month and half and she's shown no type of interest in me what so ever. All she does is practically let these fucking douche bags drool over her right in front of me. It's like i'm not even there! I know where not together but , damn man. I'll show her how it feels. I was waiting against the lockers outside of my history class and a group of girls walk up to me.

"Hey Lauren" They all said unison , well all except one. I flashed them a quick smile and they walked away but , she stayed behind.

"Can't say hi these days beautiful?" I said pulling her closer to me..

"Hi" She simply says. I put my hands on her waist and she starts blushing really hard and looks away.

"Don't hide your blush Kylie it's cute. Where you been lately? I said checking the time where is Camila? She's going to be late.

"I've been around..What's up with you and that nerd Cabello?" She asks.

"Nothing" I simply say. Because thats what we are nothing.

"And what are we?" She asks. I felt her breathe on my lips but , it's not the same as her.

"Something" I whisper in her ear before kissing her. The bell rings and Kylie walks off. I walk into the class and notice Camila already in her seat. How did I not see her pass by me? I quickly took my seat next to her.

"Hey beautiful" I said. She just sits there and glares at me.

"So your not going to talk to me?" I ask she puts in her earphones.

"What's your problem today?" I ask after I take her earphones away from her.

"You are" She whispered before getting up to leave. The teacher called her name multiple times but she just kept walking.

Heart- go after her you know you want to.

Head - that bitch better keep walking.

Ugh.. I got up out of my seat and ran after her.

"Camz wait!" I yelled running behind her.

"Leave me alone Lauren!" She yelled walking at a faster pace.

"Stop!" I said once I caught up to her. I pinned her against the locker so she had nowhere to go. Thank God everyone was in class cause this would have been a scene.

"Let go of me!" She yelled trying to get away from me.

"No . Not until you tell me what's wrong, I did NOTHING and your mad at me! Bullshit Cabello!" I yelled back. She huffs and turns her head.

"The fuck is that suppose to mean" I asked punching the locker area near her face. She jumps but shrugs it off.

"Your soo full of shit Jauregui. You kiss me and then you go off and kiss the biggest slut in the school. Your a player I should have expected that from the beginning. I was always right" She said while letting out a laugh.

"Your just jealous" I said with a smirk on my face. She glared at me.

"Of?" She asks.

"Her and every other girl I give my attention to" I whispered while looking into her eyes I backed off of her and stood there. She grabbed me by the collar of my shirt . The fuck is this pyscho doing? I thought to myself. I soon felt a pair a lips on mine when I was going to kiss back they pulled away. What the fuck..

"We'll see who the jealous on is later" She whispered into my ear before walking off. You got to be kidding me. She just stole my trick

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