Part 22

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Chapter 23 (Please/Rate/Comment)

"No! Are you mad? What the hell is wrong with people these days?" I spat, walking ahead of Luke, after hearing his proposition. He may be crazier than Lindsey. No I take that back. No one, is crazier than Lindsey.

"Please, Izii! I need you to do this!" He pleaded, cupping his hands together as if he were praying to me. I looked at his pleading eyes which were begging me to agree.

I grunted longingly and loudly, "Fine! I'll think about it!" I shouted crossly. Luke jumped up in front of me excitedly and hugged me tightly, leaving me grasping for air.

"Thank you! Thank you!" He whispered in my ear gleefully. I shook my head and slapped him playfully in the jaw. I shooed him away, so I could go call my mom.

Baylee saw me and was walking along with a girl, who seemed to be crying. I scrunched my eyebrows and walked over to them. Baylee looked at me with concern floating in her eyes. The girl next to her, who was folded under Baylee's arm was clearly crying.

"What's wrong?" I asked, now pulling my attention to the girl who was sobbing.

She was short, and a dirty blonde. Not the bright beach-blonde Lindsey was. She was wearing some skinny jeans matched with colorful high-tops and a white jacket, over a faded pink tee.

"Izii, this is Grace." Baylee introduced me to her.

My mind went blank and I froze. Everything me and Luke just talked about, and I almost agreed to, was standing in front of me, crying her eyes out.

I slowly put out my hand for her to shake, which she faked a smile and wiped at the lining of her eyes, which were red and puffed, her bottom lip was pouting out as she smiled, then she regained her solemn pose and continued crying.

"What's wrong?" I repeated, except this time, I could feel myself turning pale and breathing slowed.

"Luke.. Do-doesn't li-ike me." Grace stuttered between fumbled wails. My face scrunched at the mention over his name.

"He likes you." Baylee stated, looking up at me, and rubbing Grace's back. Grace look up at me, then returned crying.

"I'm so sorry." I apologized, I was feeling a huge tide of complete and utter guilt wash over me and start to slowly make it's way into my heart. which broke a little, just for Grace.

"My mom's here." Grace sniffed, looking at the car line, she wiped another tear before she hung her head and started walking towards a car.

Baylee gave me a face of sorrow, making me feel worse than I already was. I sighed heavily and watched Grace drive away.

"You know him, don't you?" Baylee asked, turning away and looking towards the street. I nodded, not looking at anything but my own feet. I heard Baylee sighed, mutter 'Bye' then started to walk towards her dad's truck. I felt really bad.

My mom soon pulled up to pick me up and I climbed in, with my face expressionless.

"You okay?" My mom asked, looking at me.

"Yeah, can you drop me off at Jonah's?" I asked, turning to her.

"Sure thing." She smiled, "Want ice cream?"

I nodded, right now, I NEEDED the comfort of ice cream.


Once mom reached Jonah's place, I thanked her, and climbed out, leaving my back-pack in the car, and bringing my cup of McFlurry. I had about half left of it, and wasn't in the mood to try and finish the remaining. I rang the door bell to Jonah's house and instantly Jonah came out, and picked me up, carrying me inside to his room. I rested my head in the crook of his neck, feeling happy to be with him.

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