Part 14

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Nothing else really happened, that day, so nothing to explain, except for math. Math was fun, having all my guy friends in there, Adam especially. He probably right now is my biggest supporter, besides Baylee, and maybe Carson. Jasper was in here too, and I couldn't decide whether I liked him or not. He was really stubborn when it came to my privacy, I don't know.

Anyways! We were all sitting, I was in the far corner, and all the other guys were at the other side of the room, doing the assigned work, when Jasper came up to me. I sighed, knowing he was coming, but not looking up at him. He pulled up a chair next to my desk and sat on it backwards. He was now in a position to which his legs were on either side of the chair, and his arms were crossed and resting on the back part of the chair. I looked at him, no eye contact, then continued to try and concentrate.

He smiled, that stupid crooked grin that kind of made me all mad at him. He put his hand on my desk, and stole my big eraser, I was frustrated but didn't dare to bother with his idiotic shinanigans. I saw Adam on the other side look over at Jasper, and then over to me. He had a lot of concern in his eyes, and he motion over at me. I shook my head and smiled. 

  Jasper took notice and shifted around to see Adam. Adam quickly took hold of the situation, and tried to make it seem as if he was deep in conversation, Jasper got irritated and stood up. I tried to grab his arm, but he kept walking. I looked over at Ms.Murphy and she noticed the situation.

   She nodded at me, which probably meant if things went too far she would take charge, but right now, the situation wasn't serious enough. I sighed and continued to work, taking some peeks over at the boys once in a while. Jasper had sat next to Adam, and Carson seemed to tense. Another guy, I never really noticed looked over at him and rolled his eyes. I shook my head and looked over at the board, hoping to it to magically make something amazing to stop the direction.

To no surprise nothing showed up, I kept watching them, until finally Jasper got up, clearly annoyed and walked back to his seat. He plopped down all in dismay and didn't look back at me. I was kind of relieved of that. I noticed now, I didn't really want to be with him. He was too possesive and didn't know many manners, but I admit, he was cute. There! I SAID IT! But that's all he was, a pretty face, not a valuable "mate".

   I got up out of my seat and walked over to Adam's. He smiled but I felt Jasper's eyes on us. I didn't defy to turn around. I kept my glare on Adam, and smiled.

"What happened?" I asked, in a hushed tone.

"He just told me to stay away from you, and obviously I couldn't do that so I said 'If I had any respect for you, I would, but since I don't, no.' and he got mad so he responded, 'She likes me not you.' "  he paused, and then looked over at me. Making sure I was still following, I nodded my head, persisting him to go "So I retorted with 'Then why does she smile when she sees me, and not you?' and with that, he huffed and he puffed, and walked away."

I laughed, and hugged Adam, "Oh my gosh, thank you!" I said, I leaned in and whispered, "I really wanted him off of my back." Carson nodded.

"I have to say sorry though, we should've helped you at lunch today." Carson claimed.

I shook my head, "No, no. It's okay. He has things over me."

"He's black-mailing you?" That one guy asked. I still didn't know who he was.

I shrugged, "I guess so." I said quietly.

"Iz! Oh my god, you need to tell us. We're your buds! What does he have over you?"

"My crush."

Adam gasped, "Oh my god, girl! Who is it?" He sat, lacing his fingers together, resting his chin on them and batting his eyelashes.

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