Part 3

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I slowly opened the door to first period, it was sorta big from my perspective, I cautiously stepped in and took a glance around. I quickly turned away and saw my teacher.

  She wasn't a round lady, just very bulky. I gave her a friendly smile and walked up to her.

"I'm new." I stated, looking around and people who were giving me some very gruesome looks.

"Can I see your schedule?" She asked, looking me over, with a smile. I couldn't tell if it were a good one or not.

"Sure." I replied, pulling my book-bag from behind me and placed it on the ground. I scavenged through some folders and other things. I pulled out a slightly crimpled piece of paper that listed my classes. I gently pulled up and ran into someone,

"Sorry," he mumbled, it was the guy who stole my book! I smiled a little and he smirked back. I noticed my teacher was still waiting for me and I quickly spun back in her direction. I handed her the paper and  looked back at Corey. He sat down at an almost abonded table and sighed.

My teacher passed my schedule, back to me and smiled.

"Please take a seat next to Corey," She smiled, "Corey please raise your hand."

Corey rolled his eyes and held up his hand. My teacher turned back to me and I nodded. I strut off to my seat and plopped in my seat.

"Hey," Corey said nudging my arm with his elbow, "You have good taste in books." 

I smiled shyly and slouched back in my seat. I watched as my teacher walked back to the front of the room and faced us all. 

"Good morning class!" She boomed over our murmurs, "Today we have a new student, everyone please welcome her." She said, gesturing a hand in my direction.

I grinned a little and pulled my sleeve down so I was holding the ends with my palm. I covered my face and my head on the table. I breathed into the wood and felt my hot breathe bounce back on my face.


The bell sung through the room and everyone scattered to gather their stuff. I sighed again and pulled out of my seat. I started to head off into gym. I hated gym, I wasn't at all the bit of an athlete. 

Oh gym, yay. I'm going to be so sore....

I thought to my self as I walked into the locker room..

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