Part 18

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   Finally, yes, the bell rung and I was going home! I shoved some things into my book-bag and scurried out of the classroom. I went to the car circle and instinctively took out my phone, calling my mom. Baylee walked up to me and waited for my call to end. Apparently my mom was on her way and she would pick me up soon. I turned to Baylee.

"How did your day go?" She asked.

"After the whole lunch thing today, well I guess. Adam and Carson are still sweethearts, and then you know, Luke." I smiled.

"Luke?" She questioned.

"Yeah, Luke. Brown hair..."

"What's his last name?"

"I don't know. We have math together."

"Oh no. Does he like you?"

"Well I would hope he does."

"I mean, like LIKE you."

"Oh, I don't think so."

"Oh, phew." She breathed.

"Why, 'Oh phew'?" I asked, now seemingly curios.

"My friend Grace likes him." she stated.

"He hasn't mentioned her." I said.

She rolled her eyes, knowingly, "As predicted. I don't know why she likes him."

"He's sweet." I said.

"Whatever." She retorted, having nothing more to say on the subject. She looked over her shoulder, "Gotta go, see you tomorrow."

I waved bye to her and sat down. On the cement. Waiting.

No sign of Lindsey, anywhere. I happily took out my phone and checked my numbers, trying to find someone to talk to.

"Jonah." I muttered to myself, smiling. I texted him, waiting for a reply. Two minutes later he responded.

"Who is this?" He messaged.

"It's Izii. DUH!" I replied.

He sent me a smiley face, made of a colon and a parentheses.

We texted so much I totally forgot I was waiting for my mom and was still at school.

I was smiling so much when my mom shouted my name and I climbed in the car. She saw me smiling, and tried to grab the phone, unsucceeding, she gave up and focused on her driving.

"Who are you talkin' to?" She asked, trying to face me but kept her eyes on the road.

"Jonah." I answered, checking my phone again before putting it away. 

"Oh, you likey the boy?" She smiled, slightly nudging me with her back hand.

I rolled my eyes, "Mom, me and Jonah are more like brother and sister."

"Oh, so you friend zoned him? Jeez Iz, give the boy a chance." She teased.

"Mom!" I shrieked. My mom was my best friend, more than any one at school.

"What? Hey, you want ice cream?" She asked. I nodded in response. My phone in my back-pocket vibrated, and I pulled it out.

I smiled, being Jonah texting me. I replied shortly before Mom pulled up at Dairy Queen. I got a chocolate blizzard and waited for Mom to order what she wanted. We pulled up to the second window and mom took the ice cream from the woman's hands. She handed mine and kept her's, pulled up over to the side, so we could get situated.

Mom handed me a napkin and I wrapped it around my cup, so my hand didn't chill. I took my spoon and started eating.

"You always get the same thing." My mom claimed.

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