Part 16

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        I sat in science class with Corey at my side. I was trying to seem as irritated as possible. I tapped my fingernails on the wood that was in front of me, as I rested my elbow on the table, and my chin in my  palm. I took a large outward puff of air, rolling my eyes as my teacher kept talking.

"Izii?" Corey whimpered behind me.

Feeling pitiful on the poor boy, I pivoted towards him. "Yes, Corey?"

I sat up from my lazy posture and folded my hands in my lap. Corey seemed to to fix his condition also as he sat up straighter.

"Can we just be friends, and pretend like, me liking you, never happened? I just don't like it when you ignore me. It makes me feel broken. I mean, I still like you and I want us to be more than friends but you just are, I mean you have, I just, I can't-"

I stopped him, smiling, "Corey, okay. I will be your friend. But you have to promise me that's all we are and that you don't like me any other way."

Corey grinned, "Deal." He held out his hand, and I politely took it and gave it a quick joggle. I then promptly turned back to our science teacher and watched her as she walked around.

I smiled, thanking the heavens I only had one more boy to, as to say, "tame". Jasper. He would be difficult, but I could do it, just because I knew I could. Gently though, very gently.

Finally the bell rung and I sprang to my feet to hurriedly scurry to gym. I met Baylee in the hallway where she had propped herself to wait for me. I smiled once I caught up to her.

"Oh my god. Me and Corey are finally JUST friends, and I couldn't be happier! I absolutely adore him, but not in that way." I did a mini-jig in the hallway. Baylee laughed.

"You do know he's going to keep trying right? Even if it is of the slightest of gestures." She spoke in a fake posh English accent. She pulled her lips down so that the groove between her nose and her upper lip expanded.

"Well, if he does you know I may have to tell some sense into his head. Men have no respect for female population and I refuse to let him think he is apart of it." I replied, mimicking the same face and voice she had.

We both laughed and high-fived each other, before I swung the door open for both of us to enter then locker-room. We parted ways I traveled to my locker. I unlocked the thing, and clutched my clothes and placed them on a bench, as I started to take off my clothes, leaving me in a tank-top and my panties. I put on my alternative stretchy clothes and tied my hair up in a sloppily done pony-tail.

I walked over to the door that would go into the gym and waited for Baylee to join me. She finally finished jointing her shoelaces and she came over to me. I smiled and we locked arms as we entered the gym. I smiled and waved over at Carson. We had a few minutes before Coach walked in so I went over and hugged him.

"Get my note?" He asked.

I nodded, "Yeah, thanks. Made me smile, as always!"

He smiled too before I walked over to my spot where I must wait for Coach. I think we did a game that day that was like hand-ball, or something along those lines. Carson's team was opposing us on that day and our class had beaten them badly. I was covered in my sweat and I was steaming.

I was going to hug Carson in congratulation for his failure, but we both decided it would be best to do it after we changed and weren't drenched in our smelly sweat.

We all entered the gym, practically laughing our butts off and high-fiving each other. I got changed back into my normal day clothes, and rolled on some deodorant, then brushed my hair and re-pinned my bangs. I finished tieing my shoe before slinging my back-pack over my shoulder and walking over to Baylee's spot.

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