Part 20

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Chapter 20!!!

      I took a deep sigh and ripped the covers from my body. I squint around my room looking at the window that was opened, which aloud sunlight flood into my bedroom. I swung my legs over to the side of my bed, I checked my phone really quick. Jonah sent me a good morning text and replied with a smiley face. I slid off my bed using my hands as a boost and headed to my bathroom.

           I propped the door open with the stand my mom got me, looked in my mirror, and then pulled my hair to one side of my face. I leaned my head down into the sink and began washing my face with cold water. I drew the spout to the other side so it would warm up the water as I scrubbed my face. I rubbed little circles around my face with the cleansing soap, and then rinsed them off to splash my face with water. After patting my face to dry the water with a fresh fluffy towel, I took a deep breath and headed to my closet.

          I grabbed some skinny jeans and a long sleeve half button down. It was striped with purple, gray and a hot pink, which would look good with my gray pants and my Converse. I pulled my current pajama jersey over my head. I took a bra from my drawer and hooked in on my belly then flipped it to my back, then pulled it up and pulled the straps on and put on the long sleeve over it. I'm pretty sure if my bra was on top, I would be considered weirder than I already was. I then extracted myself from my comfortable sleeping sweat-pants to my tight jeans, buttoning them up. I sighed and picked out mix-matching socks. I don't like them matching because when I take off my shoes it's nice being surprised.

          I went back to my bathroom and  brushed out my hair, smoothing out the tangles. My hair was an ample mass of tangles and it pulled on my scalp. After my hair was smooth and glossy, like I wanted it, I stretched, raising my arms up. Words cannot explain the horrible odor that corrupted my nose with it's foul smell. I took another whiff then opened my medicine cabinet. I unconcealed the lid on my roll on deodorant and gave my under arms a good layer. I sniffed again and satisfied with the more pleasant aroma, I put the deodorant away. I closed my side mirror and looked at myself.

      I poked my tongue out at my own reflection and watched it mimic my movements. I smiled to myself and grabbed a clip from my drawer. I pinned up my bangs so my forehead was exposed and my smaller hairs were out of my face. I sleeked it out once more with my fingers once more before heading out to the kitchen.

     My mom was at the table, smoothly sipping on her morning dose of coffee. I glided past her and went to the pantry. I snatched up a granola bar.

"We gotta get going." Mom suddenly said.

"Okay, let me grab my book-bag." I sighed, rushing back to my room. I slung my bag over my shoulder and grabbed my phone. I headed back out and waited patiently for mom. I grabbed her keys and started the car, putting my back-pack at the foot of my seat.

"Okay, let's go." My mom exclaimed, climbing in the car. I followed, getting in on the opposite side. I slammed my door shut and turned on the radio.

Me and mom's song came on.

"Ohhhhh!!!!" We hollered, high-fiving each other. We both laughed and started jamming out to our song. Mom was dancing in her seat, as was I, and with mom not paying attention so we swerved once in a while, laughing shortly after. We reached the road that traffic starts to build up so we stopped dancing. I peeled open my bar and started to munch on it while I danced a little less extremely in my seat, while eating.

We both started laughing as mom pulled up at my school. I said bye to mom as I stepped out. I waved to her as she drives away then I turned back to face the school. I started walking into the main gates and looked at everything.

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