Part 30

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"Ready?" Baylee asked again. I nodded, still a little anxious. She had her hands on my shoulder, trying to comfort me, but still push me into the situation. My whole body was rattling, and I couldn''t help the tingles of apprehensiveness that took over.

"Yeah." I said unsrueely, I was so nervous, I couldn't stop my teeth from chattering, but I kept my mouth closed, so the sound was slightly muffled. This is the one apology that I didn't want to do, but I really had to. I had to tell her that I was really regretful about everything I said, and everything that I did.

"It's okay, I'm going to be sitting right next to you." She reassured me. I nodded, exhaling deeply. I was trying to calm down as much as possible, but my brain was marked off as very hysterical.

We reached the table and Baylee sat next to me, right in across of Lindsey. She wasn't looking at us yet, so I guess she hadn't seen me, but I was sure she was ignoring me.

"Um, hi.. Lindsey." I said, still really worried. I didn't want  her to thrash out on me until I had said what I needed to say. Even if she still was mad at me, I wanted her to know I was sorry.

Lindsey looked up, smiling, she seemed... happy? "Hi Izii!" She said really cheerfully.

I gulped, then carefully started, "Listen, Lindsey, I'm really sorry-"

I was about to finish my apology, when Lindsey shook her head and held out her hand, "No, no. I'm sorry! I've been a total.. well I have seriously been a really REALLY bad person. I mean it's not your fault that Corey liked you. You are really pretty." She smiled, a real genuine smile. She was saying the truth? I'm not that pretty.

"Oh, well thank you. But I do want to apologize, because of everything I've done to feed the fire." I said, now smiling.

"It's totally okay. I mean, I probably led you to it."

And we all laughed. It was special, to be able to just laugh about our stupid fights and our stupid commenting that went on. I can't believe we hated each other, I mean, we were all just laughing and I could feel her becoming more of a friend just by us laughing.

 "So we're all good?" I asked, smiling hopefully, raising a friendly eyebrow.

Lindsey nodded "Of couse." A smile wiped itself across my face and I circled around the table to hug her. Finally that was done, and I think me and Lindsey would be better now. Thank god!

Me and Baylee excused ourselves and headed over to Grace's table, she saw me and looked a little annoyed. It was on the other side of the cafeteria, and she was all alone at the end. Looking all dejected as she somberly ate her lunch. She wasn't really eating, just pushing them around on her plate and not seeing any interest to soon be putting them in her mouth.

I felt bad, seeing her just so glum and lonely, all by herself, and no one was there to comfort her. But I was going over there, and I was going to tell her everything, let her know how big of a jerk both me and Luke are. She probably wouldn't have been with her friends and cheery if it weren't for me saying yes to Luke's dumb plan.

"Grace, I'm sorry." I said, sitting down across from her and looking at her, until she looked at me.

"What?" She asked. Her face seemed like she wanted to listen, but seemed somewhat mournful, which made what I was about to say about ten times harder.

I explained everything I had to Baylee, about how Luke made the deal, and why I was involved. About how I wanted to make Zach jealous, and how I was supposed to fend off Grace. About what Lindsey said, about what Zach said. I told her everything, a little more than Zach did. But finally I told her that Luke hadn't confessed for any guilt, but I was. I felt guilt. Unlike Mr.Heartless.

"Wow, what a jerk." Grace ended up laughing at the end of it all. 

"I know right." Baylee chipped in. I shrugged and nodded, we were all laughing, and eventually we forgot that lunch was ending soon and well, I forgot about Luke and Zach.

It ended up I had to wait until seventh period too, because Mr.Reidmon wouldn't allow me out of my seat, even though I threatened to poke his eyeball out! Gah annoying people. I felt a lot of anger towards him thought, he had no idea how much stress I was under!

But since it seemed like it was an empty threat, -it kind of was- I still wasn't aloud out of my seat. Which sucked, because I really needed to talk to Zach!

Fourth period, was actually kind of fun, Adam said he knew everything about the deal, being that Luke and him were best friends and Luke had to let him in on it. I guess it was true, because I had already told Baylee. We just worked together and that was basically our conversation -the deal- the whole time, when I wasn't working of course. I mean, I still had school!

Anyways, I'm skipping the rest of my lifelessy, zombie-like day and fast forwarding to seventh period, because the rest of my day was really boring until seventh period. In seventh period, that's where everything, became.. right.


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