Part 24

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Chapter 24 (Please rate/comment/fan)

"So you'll do it?" He asked, for the fifth time. 

I rolled my eyes and glared at him, opening my mouth slightly, "Oh my freaking gosh, yes! FOR THE FIFTH TIME! But I'm not excepting you're filthy blood money." I sneered, looking at his hands as he had washed them in mud, which he hadn't but I liked to believe he did.

He pinned a crooked, devillishly wicked smirk on his face, "Blood money?"

"Yes. You're lucky, you know that?" I challenged, looking at his dark eyes. He seemed more eerie, now that I pictured him as a malicious villain.

"How's that?" He asked, looking back at me, his eyes somewhat lighten, turning a pale brown.

"Grace is a sweet girl." I muttered, looking down, seeking the dirt under my shoes. 

Luke and me were in the rain, and it was seven in the morning on Friday. We had agreed if I said yes, I would meet him today, this early, to confirm my answer. I was wearing a black hoodie, paired with some dark skinny jeans, and some black Chuck Norris'. I was dressed for standing out in the rain for the next two hours.

Luke, on the other hand, looked like he was ready for a drizzle, as he was wearing an outfit consisted of a white hoodie, blue jeans, and some neon Nike's. He seriously had some style issues, but I would fix that later. He was wearing a darker sky blue t-shirt, which contrasted too much with his shoes, I was mentally slapping him, for choosing today to dress like and idiot.

He must've seen me staring, because he says, "You like?"

I shook my head distastefully, "You chose today, the day I said 'Yes' to look like an idiot. The shoes? Really?" I disdained at his horrible flavor in clothes.

"I have a change, I promise, I'll look better for you, later." He winked.

"Just lucky no one else is here." I mumbled, looking down, at the dirt. It was really fascinating at the moment.

"So what do you want to do?" He asked, looking up and squinting at the drops that fell on his face.

"Um... about that." I murmured, he wasn't the only one who could make a deal.

He looked back at me, his hair now slightly dripping, "Hm?" He hummed, giving me a quizzical look.

"I have a request." I smiled, looking back at him.


"Bye, babe." I said, hugging Luke as he had walked me to third period. I don't know where Baylee was. She was in gym, but she was hanging out with a girl named Christina. I don't know.  It made me feel kind of lonely, she ignored me almost completely, except giving me an awkward smile in gym.

I shrugged that off as Luke said, "Bye, see in seventh, love." As he walked off and waved, walking backwards. I returned the 'lovingly' wave, and then headed into the third period, getting some weird glances from people, including Baylee.

"What was that?" She asked, hopping off her desk and watching me sit my book-bag on a seat.

"What?" I asked, turning around.

"That thing, with Luke?" She asked, popping an eyebrow.

"Oh, we're kind of.." I stopped, remembering yesterday, I was quickly shaken from my thought when I felt something swipe itself across my face. I gaped open and held it.

"You're dating him, aren't you?" She implied, looking at me coldly. I simply shrugged and started to walk away.

"Maybe." I mumbled, walking over to Jasper's seat and sitting on it.

"Bitch." I heard Baylee whisper. I didn't say anything, it hurt, yeah. But I was doing it for a reason. Zach walked in and behind him was what looked like a new guy?

He was tall-ish, not as tall as Zach, but almost. He had dark hair, but it was styled up, and steep at the front. Much like Zayn Malik's hair, for example. He had a dark crimson V-Neck on, which was hidden a little by a gray long vest, that had a hood and draw-stings, and some dark faded jeans, with small holes at the knee, he seemed strangely familiar, but I couldn't quite put my finger on it.

He looked over at me, seeing me sitting on Jasper's desk and he smiled. I seemed like I knew him. He walked over slowly, making me feel more intrigued. He stared at me with his dark, almost black from a distance, eyes. Then it hit me.

"Jasper?" I questioned, dropping my jaw a little.

Who I thought was Jasper smiled, and he nodded. My eyes widened just a little as he walked over to me, and put the back-pack at the chair.

"I look good?" He said, turning on his heels, watching the gray over vest flutter up as he did. I blinked a few times, taking in his new appearance.

"You look... different." I pronounced, shock still painted clear across my face. I watched as he smiled and looked really quickly at Zach.

Zach seemed shocked too, looking at both of us. I smiled at him and he quickly blushed and looked away.

"Izii!" I heard behind me, I quickly turned and raised my eyebrows, there was Luke, holding something. "Forgot your notebook." He said, running over to me and handing it to me. I put on a fake blush and pretended to be lovey dove as he hugged me. I kissed my hand and blew it to him, as he started to walk out. 

"Oh." I heard Zach say beside me.

"What?" I asked, looking to him.

He put a fake smile on his lips, trying to play it off, "Nothing."

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