Part 11

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I got up, got ready, and went to the kitchen to grab a bite to eat. I stuffed something in my mouth and rushed to pack all my stuff away. I got in the car with my mom and we listened to music on the radio.

When we got to school, I was walking to my classroom when Baylee came running up to me, a huge smile on her face.

"Izii! Oh my god, you'll never know what I just heard!" She shrieked, I gave her a puzzled luck, queuing her to continue, "I found out why Lindsey hates you!"

I almost jumped up, but I kept my cool, "Why?"

"Okay, well you know Corey?" I nodded, "Well he and Lindsey broke-up" she paused, "because he likes, you."

My mind stopped, everything stopped, my whole world just seemed to freeze. This was seriously happening? This was seriously happening. This was seriously happening!

I screamed, I couldn't help it. I screamed, so loud, and I started running. My back-pack heavy on my back. I ran, I ran to a wall and ran into it. I sunk to the cold concrete. I was on my knees, my nose and forehead pressed against the wall. I started breathing heavily, my breathe shorting out.

Why me? Out of all people, he had to like me? Why?

I kept loosing breathe, it shortening every time I inhaled, I was about to fall when someone tapped me on the shoulder. I quickly turned and saw Jasper looking at me.

"Hey, you alright?" He asked. He held out his hand and I took it. He jerked me with one move onto my feet, I ran into his chest, and quickly placed a hand between us. He gave me the same crooked smile that he did yesterday, but it wasn't mocking, instead it had a very charming.

"I guess I'm okay." I muttered.

"What's wrong?" He asked, giving me a sincere raised eyebrow. I looked into his dark brown eyes, I loved being just inches away from his face. His cool minty breathe breathing on my face, giving me tiny goosebumps.

"Drama." I replied. He smirked, and looked off. He nodded and turned back to me.

"What happened?" He asked. He sat on the ground and I joined him.

I told him everything, from when Corey stole my book, to the video call with my dad. He listened inattentively the whole time, nodding and smiling.

"Seems tough." He said. I just kind of put my hands up. And shrugged.

"Could be worse." I mumbled. He laughed at that.

"Yeah. So you got your eye on anyone?" He asked. I gave him an eyebrow and rolled my eyes, laughing.

"Maybe." I said, biting my bottom lip. I turned away and avoided any eye contact.

"Who?" He asked. I could tell he was grinning.

"No one." I said. I turned back to him, my lip still secured in my teeth.

"Tell me!" He demanded.

"I don't like anyone!" I laughed.

"Oh come on!" He said.

I just shrugged and looked away. I felt his fingers jab into my side, tickling me.

"Stop it!" I cried, laughing uncontrollably.

"Not until you tell me!" He yelled.

I couldn't help it, I fell on the floor, laughing. He was still tickling me, until he was by my side while I layed on the floor. I looked around while my eyes watered from laughing. People were staring. I started slapping him.

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