Part 23

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Chapter 23 (Rate/comment/fan)

"I don't know what to do Jonah." I whined, now as he was waking me up, as he stirred I was still laying on him, so it disturbed me too. Geez, couldn't he just lay there so I could get some sleep?

I covered my head with a pillow in frustration and started groaning. I started to roll back and fourth ferociously, kicking my legs as I did.

"Would you stop that? You're worse than Allen." He chuckled, watching me cover myself in blankets, as I wrapped them around me and resembled something of a caterpillar..

I looked up and blinked at him. I'd seen Allen when he's frustrated, it's not pretty. I pointed my finger allegedly at Jonah. "Hey, I am nothing like you're brother. He's ten times worse."

We both started laughing and Jonah ended up falling beside me. He looked at me in my eyes, causing me to roll over again and getting tangled up more inside the blanket.

There was a loud door slam, a shakement of a bag and the thud of shoes being thrown against the floor, then someone muffled, "I'm home!"

"Speaking of the devil." Jonah mumbled. I rolled my eyes and smacked him on the chest with the back of my hand, which I had managed to pull out of my bundle.

"Allen isn't that bad." I commented, now sitting on two pillows, well tried, I kind of had to wiggle myself over to them. We heard footsteps rhythm through the floor and the door opened with Allen behind it, breathing heavily.

"Hey! Izii!" Allen cheered, looking at me with a smile on his face.

"Hey." I replied, with less enthusiasm. I still looked like a worm, and I was yawning, and my hair. Oh goodness, it looked like a rat had made it's nest inside it.

"What's up, guys? Take a nap?" He asked, probably looking at me and Jonah's messy hair and tired eyes, which had bags, drooping gravely beneath my eyes.

I nodded, plopping back down on the bed, unrolling myself from the blankets, and nuzzling my nose into my arms. I probably looked like I was smelling Jonah's covers. It did smell like me and him. WHICH I MEAN IN A TOTALLY FRIENDLY WAY! NOT... like. That.

I sighed, and felt my breathe come back at me in a warm cloud. Making my face steamy.

"Still tired?" Jonah asked, rubbing my back with his hand, steadying me. I nodded and Jonah and Allen both decided to try and make themselves a pillow, offering them for me to lay against.

I laughed, still with my head dug into my arms. I looked at the both of them, Allen's feet were hanging off the bed, Jonah's were too, but Allen's lanky legs drew farther off. Mine would've stretched out farther, but I was laying in a ball, comfortable with my position.

I chose a spot in between them. Honestly they both looked really comfy, but I didn't want to feel as if I was betraying either one. They both scooted over to me, and tried to wrap me up in them before the other could.

I silently laughed as they both were pushing each other's arms off of me. I slowly slid under them and to the door, watching them try and wrestle while they were lying down. It looked pretty awkward.

I laughed a little as they started to realize I got up, I waited as they stopped wrestling and stop up, brushing themselves off. Allen offered me his hand, but Jonah offered an elbow. I didn't take either one.

"You guys, I'm not tired anymore." I shrugged, they both dropped their gentleman gesture and stood looking at me. I put my hand behind me, placing it on the knob, I opened the door and walked out to the living room. I waved at Kyle who was indulging himself in a soda, but waved back in front of the can, guess everyone was kind of used to me over here.

I was guessing Kelly was at work, or running errands, considering I hadn't seen her all day. She worked at an optometrist place, for glasses. They had some really later hours some time, considering she did both the doctor work and the glasses fitting and maintenance.

I plopped down on the couch and turned on the TV, stretching out my legs and putting my feet out on the ottoman.

"Thank you." Allen said teasingly, sliding the remote right from my hand.

"Hey!" I turned around and tried to grab it put he held it higher. He stuck his tongue out and placed it behind his back, but Jonah grabbed it and threw it back to me.

I smiled smugly at Allen and turned around to channel surf. I settled on cartoon network, where old re-runs of Pokemon was on.

"Oh awesome!" Jonah said, leaping over the couch and slumped right next to me. I laughed and scooted over, leaning my head into his side. It wasn't squishy, but hey he was comfortable. I wrapped my arms around his waist and swung my legs over to the couch, seeing my shoes had been removed probably during the nap.

"So, what are you going to do?" Jonah whispered down at me, so no one could hear. I flipped over on my back, so I was laying on his lap now, and he was smiling down on me. His blue eyes boring into my brown orbs.

"I don't know." I sighed, I turned over so I could watch TV and my ear was pressed against his leg.

"I think you should do it." Allen said, coming over and lifting my legs them placing them back over his lap as he sat down. He put his Coke on the coffee table, and sat back down, easing himself into the plush couch, which was very comfortable.

"Do what?" I asked, as if maybe he was just pitching in and didn't really know what was going on.

"The deal. Quick money, make Zach jealous, and make Luke happy. Baylee won't be that mad, I mean, you barely know Gretchen."

"Grace." I corrected. "You really think I should do it?"

"Why not?"

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