Part 4

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I stepped into the perfume infested air and instantly started to gag on it. I shook my head trying to shake it off, but it lingered. I sighed and walked to the Coach's Office. I pulled my schedule out.

"Hi, I'm new. I was wondering about my locker?" I said, leaning a bit on the doorway.

"Oh alrighty! I'm Coach Tracey, but you can call me Coach. I'm going to be your coach," she let out a hardy chuckle, "Well of course! Anyways, let me get your name and I'll assign you a locker." She added, still red from her earlier statement.

"Izabella, Izabella Adams." I said, as she sat down and slid her rolly chair over to her desk. She clicked her pen and started to jot down some stuff a notepad. 

She handed me a slightly worn lock and smiled, "You'll be locker number 173 and your code is taped on the back."

I nodded and thanked her as I walked off to the locker room full of chicks. I smiled pleasantly at them, most of them gave me dirty looks, but the a few of them smiled. Some just ignored my presence. I kept walking until I got to my locker. I stopped by it and placed my bag down by a nearby bench. I pulled a plastic bag out that held all my gym clothes. I quickly changed and replaced my shoes with snug tennies. I took out my earrings and placed them in a small pocket. 

I was now wearing some short sweatpants, and one of my loose fitting t-shirts. I put my foot on the bench and tied my shoes. I pulled my hair up in a sloppy bun and heard Coach's whistle blow. I clasped my hands together, let go of a sigh, and started to walk towards the large doors.

We entered the gym and someone greeted me, "Hi, are you new?" she asked. She was tanned a little, she had bright hazel eyes, and light golden brown hair. She smiled a cheeky smile and held out her hand. 

"Yeah, my dad just got a job here." I said, holding out my hand for her to shake, "Izabellla, but call me Izii."

"Oh cool," she shook my hand "I'm Baylee, Tison. But most of my friends call me Bales." She replied with a sigh. "The guys should be here soon, be prepared."

I cocked my head in confusion, but she walked off. "Okay?" I muttered to myself.

In fact, the guys did walk in a few seconds after, most of them in a t-shirt and basketball shorts. I smiled, some smiling back. Some ignoring me. I didn't care. I took a place on the floor and sat with my legs crossed.

Then I spotted him, his stubborn black locks blocked his eyes, but his dark expression and chiseled looks weren't mistakable. He gave me a possesed smirk and walked off into another line. I had to know his name. His sat with his knees tucked in his elbows and a very gorgeous look on his face. I let out a deep exhale, but it was interrupted by Coach speaking up. 

"Alrighty! Let's get this going!" She announced, looking cheery and some people, including me.

I smiled back, ignoring people who thought I was a kiss up to the teacher. Whatevs.

I sneeked a peek at that guy, the one who I was absoulety intrigued by, but obviously longed to know him. He was smiling at coach, I didn't know if it was fake or not. Coach explained we would be practicing basketball today, since I was new, I had to sit out on the bleachers. 

After I took a seat and watched him, playing basketball, he seemed so bored. But when he shot the basketball, his shirt flew up a bit and gave a quick look at his stomach. I bit my bottom lip and tried my hardest not to grin.

I was still staring at him when he caught my glaring. I quickly looked off and smiled secretly behind my hair. I looked back and saw he wasn't looking my way, but he had a huge grin on his face.

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