Part 26

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The whole lesson in seventh period, I couldn't focus, I couldn't think. I couldn't bring myself to think about something rather than Luke. Something about the way everything fell together, it made me uneasy, and sick. No, not sick, sick makes it sound like there's a cure. It was twisted, and it couldn't be set back right.

Once the bell run for the end of the day, I swear I was the first one out of the classroom and to the car line, ignoring everyone and everything said.

I crouched down next to a tree and texted my mom, she said she was still on the highway. Basically meaning I had to wait about fifteen minutes, which wasn't so bad.

But you never know what can happen in fifteen minutes.

"Izii!" Someone shouted, it sounded like that same snobbish voice that boiled my temptation to want to strangle someone.

"YES? MS.LINDSEY?" I asked, turning around, struggling to my feet and rudely looking at  her.

She stood there with a shocked look on her face, as if I had offended her, "Why would you do that?" She asked abruptly, looking at me dead in the eye.

"Do what?" I asked, looking her up and down, testing her mentally.

"Just break Corey's heart, you know. He may have broken up with me, but I still care about him." She sniffed, now pulling out a pouty face.

Wait, she had feelings? I thought.

"Of course I have feelings!" She shouted, I may have said that thought out loud. Whoops.

"I'm sorry Lindsey, but me and Corey just aren't...compatible." I mumbled that last word, all of a sudden feeling guilty.

"I know, and he doesn't realize it, because his heart is so mis-shaped. You should just leave, you're making everyone depressed." She snarled at me. Then all of a sudden, something unexpected happened, a little itty bitty, just a small tear, formed at her tear-duct, and managed to roll down her cheek. Falling onto the ground, dangerously making a faint, but bearable thud.

That did it, now I felt horrible. It was like a sudden wave of guilt washed over me and hit me hard in the back.

I heard Lindsey sniffed, "At least you're happy." Then she walked away. Leaving me to sit and swim in the ocean of remorse that was slowly drowning me, making me feel like a fraud, and a fake.

I wasn't even really in a relationship with Luke! I noticed, now thinking about everything. People were mad at me, because I had agreed to a deal, to make someone jealous. I slapped my forehead and hung my head. I slowly sank down, not squatting, leaning against the tree I was by.

"I hope you're happy." I heard above me, looking up there was Grace, in even worse appearance than yesterday. Her eyes were puffyer, her face was redder, and her eyes sadder. Everything about her just seemed so different, maybe a touch of anger, flickering in her eyes, probably because of me.

"I'll leave Luke alone now, since obviously, he doesn't want me, and you don't care." She ran away sobbing, slowly rising the shore level of my shame.

I groaned, looking down into my lap. Today is supposed to be a good day, today is supposed to be a day of success, and it's going all downhill.

"Izii!" I heard again, after a few minutes of silence and pondering, and endless downing on myself, and all of my idiotic choices.

"Just leave me alone!" I said, not looking up.

"Please, Izii. I know about the deal, I know about Grace, and I know about you." He had a certain familiarity to his voice that made me comfortable. So I then decided to look up, at this person that knew everything, including my reason for the deal. The person that maybe I could talk to. Then I couldn't help but smile. In a long time, besides when I saw Jonah, I was glad to see that one person I did and didn't want to see.

"Zach. Oh my god..." then I trailed off, if he knew about everything, then he knew that I liked him. Oh crap!

"It was working, you know." He winked, smiling.

"What?" I asked, blinking and dumbfounded.

"Trying to make me jealous." He smirked, now moving over and sitting next to me.

"Oh." Was all I could say.

There was a long moment of just silent awkward uneasy quietness.

"I really like you, Izii." He said, then he got up, and walked away. JUST LEFT! Now I felt in a different sea, of something else. Something more pleasant and very unfamiliar, whatever that sea had been, I knew now, Zach was my life-raft.

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