Part 8

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Whenever I glanced over at Adam, he would be so close to his paper and writing. I tapped my pencil against my desk and studied my paper. Being that I knew nothing about what I was supposed tsko do, I tapped Adam on the shoulder. He looked up and adjusted his glasses,

"What's up?" He asked, looking at my blank, unwritten on paper.

"I don't get what  I'm supposed to do." I confessed and looked his over, he was almost done.

"I'll help you when I'm finished, I only have two more." He smiled and started busily working again.

About five minutes later, he was done and put his pencil down. "Still need help?" He asked.

I nodded. I felt really stupid not knowing what I was supposed too do.

"Okay." He said, as he got up and came over to my desk, he crouched beside me, and took my paper. He held it at an angle to which we could both see, "Basically, all your doing is thinking of a word, that's more vivid, that has the same definition as these." He explained.

I gave him a bewildered look and raised an eyebrow.

"For example," he said, pointing to the word shocked on the paper, "Shocked is another word for..."

I waited for him to finish, until I realized that I was supposed to answer. "Oh, um, stunned?" I suggested, racking my brain.

"Yeah! There you got it, keep going, you'll finish pretty easily." He said, standing again and walking back to his seat.

Surprisingly, he was right. All the problems were really easy to figure out and I had no problem zipping through them.

After finishing, I started reading my book. They Did This to Me, By Victoria DiVito. (It's an actual book on Wattpad). It was really good, and I was getting to the good part, but the bell stopped me. I grunted in frustration and packed hastily to be punctual for next class. Adam caught me in the hallway,

"So you get it pretty easily?" He asked, smiling.

"Yeah, it was really fast after you showed me. Thanks." I said, giving back the smile.

"Welcome, who do you have next?" He asked, trying to keep up with me.

"Agriculture, I'm going the right way right?" I managed a chuckle, while I was still speeding.

"Yup, your good. I have you in seventh. See you there!" He said, walking a bit faster then me.

"Bye!" I called. He turned and waved, then returned walking.

I came up to a door that read 'Ag' and I walked in.

"Hi, are you new?" someone said behind me. I turned to see a short older lady.

She was probably in her forties and she was probably only about 5'5". She had short hair, that was a dark blonde and she wore glasses. She had on a pair of mis-matching crocs and a blue blouse and loose fitting jeans. 

"Yes ma'am." I said, giving a smile, to provide good gesture.

"Oh alright, you can call me Ms.C. I'm your Ag teacher. Sit there." She said, pointing to a desk. I nodded and made my way over there.

I was sitting by two guys, both wearing converse, a hoddie, and skinny jeans.

"Hi I'm Ally, this is Candace, who are you?" She asked, it sounded kind of snobby, but she seemed friendly.

"Izii." I replied, without thought.

"Oh okay, your new?" Candace asked.

I nodded without speaking and crossed my legs, uncomfortable with the conversation. Something told me not to talk to them.

"Oh, well your really pretty. You should curl your hair." she said, petting her own.

"Ya, and wear Converse. They're really popular." The other babbled.

"That's okay." I said, not looking at them.

"Don't you want to be popular?"

"I really don't care." I said honestly. I really didn't.

"Oh okay?" They said. I wanted to move so bad. They were seriously busting my chops, for not being "stylish" on the first day? Wow. What has this generation come to?

"I'm serious. Who cares about how being popular?" I questioned, I glared at them, but no response. "I come to school, and learn. Not to please people like you, who have cliques and believe the reason we come to school is to make it to the top and rub it in people's faces. Honestly? Are you proud? Are you pleased with yourself, for thinking that everyone elses opinion besides you own, matters?"

No response.

I gathered my things and moved a row over, teacher not noticing. That felt great! I honestly wanted to  just punch people! So exciting!

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