Part 5

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After gym I met up with Baylee, after putting on my regular clothes. 

"So have you met anyone who, I don't know, like?" She coiled a sly smiled and winked. I rolled my eyes and let out a weak laugh.

"Um, noo." I answered, pondering whether I liked him or not.

"Who do you like!?" She insisted, giving me wide eyes.

"I just said I don't like anyone!" I replied, while still laughing.

She eyed me over then sighed,

"Fine, but you will. There are tons of yummy guys!" She said, in a diffrent, more girly tone.

I managed a laugh and pulled away my gaze.

"Yummy?" I questioned, I thought it was funny, her choice of vocabulary, but I wouldn't be caught saying it.

"Yes! These guys here are smoking!" almost every girl around us let out a "Mmm" and they all  giggled, me and Baylee joining them.

"I bet you'll like Zach, everyone does." She said, giving all the girls a hungry face.

"What's your next period?" I asked, I had Mr. Reidmon, World History.

"World History, Mr. Reidman," She replied, not catching my eyes.

"Me too!" I exclaimed, happy that she would be in there with me.

"Zach's in there too, and that guy you were staring at too." She smiled, snapping her eyebrows.

"Oh, sounds fun!" I said, kind of sarcastically, glad that I might have the chance to meet that guy.


"Okay, Zach is right there." Baylee said, walking right past Mr. Reidmon. 

Mr. Reidmon was in his late thirties, he had a catepillar like mustache, with a matching white beard.   He was wearing a tuck in shirt with some khakis and a red tie. I had smiled at him and he nodded, knowing who I was and why I was walking into his class. Baylee took a seat across from me and we placed our book-bags down.

Baylee turned to me and grinned, 

"Isn't he cute?" She asked, turning around again to see Zach.

"Which one is he?" I asked, I wasn't focusing the first time because I was looking at that guy, whom I still didn't have the name of. 

Baylee jabbed a finger in the air at a guy.

He had shaggy brown hair and brown eyes, which were a very pale brown. He was pretty well built and he wore a tight fitting t-shirt which hugged his figure, quite nicely. I had to admit, he was adorable.

"Like?" Baylee asked, in that girly tone she had used before.

"Yes." I murmured. Baylee lit up, and looked at me. Trying to avoid further conversation about who I liked, I inched my look to that guy.

"Who's that?" I asked, pointing with my eyes.

"Oh, the misfit, his name is Jasper, he's really creepy. Do you like him?" She asked, shuddering.

"No, whose that?'  I asked, trying to make it seem as if I were just trying to get to know people.

"That is-" She went on and on about who was who until the bell rang and we went to lunch.

Jasper, what a nice name...

I thought as we were walking.

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