Part 27

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"Wow. That, sucks." Jonah said, wrapping an arm around my shoulder, brotherly comforting me more than anyone could that moment. I had just told him about everything that happened that day, from the morning to until my mom picked me up. All the memories of Baylee, Jasper, Lindsey, Grace, and Zach flooded themselves right back into my brain like a curse.

"I just want everything to be right. And I want everyone to be okay." I sighed, looking longingly across the room, seeing it really important at the moment. Jonah sighed too and fixed my position of me to where I was in between his legs, my head was against his chest, and I was in a ball as he stroked my back and held me there. He was so warm, and probably cozier than a pillow.

"Everyone wants that, but nothing is perfect, and nothing ever will be. That's just the way life is." He whispered, as he rubbed small circles on my back, giving me a soothing feeling.

I muttered, "I know." I felt so lost, and empty, the way he just made me feel loved, was something I loved, and needed. To think I had only been in school a week, and I already had more crap going on than I did at my last school.

"Are you going to break the deal?" Jonah asked, pulling me closer into him. I smiled contently and closed my eyes, breathing in deeply, trying to find the sanity to say 'Yes'.

"Probably." I muttered, looking away at something distant, feeling distant myself. Everything was just to scary. I didn't want to face the fact I was living in this, but it was happening and I could've probably prevented a lot of it.

"It's okay." He said, as he squeezed me tighter, making me a tight bundle, pressing against him.

"Why would it not be?" I almost laughed, but couldn't find myself to. It came out as I wanted to laugh, but I just kind of snorted, almost. Making a strange just breathe from my nose.

"I don't know." He smiled. I then laughed, being with Jonah always made me happier, made me feel more secure. About everything. The drama, my choices, my life.... me.

"Hey bud." Allen said, casually barging in and walking over to the bed, dropping his big butt onto the blanket. Jonah loosened his snug grip on me, but didn't completely realese his hold on me. He still kept me close, probably knowing I still needed his arms there.

His strange extraction, made me shiver. It was so cold in his room, I was so compacted with Jonah, he was actually keeping me warm.

Instead of forcing my self back into his chest, I turned around so my back was against his chest and I pulled his arms over me like a seat-belt around my stomach.

"Hey." Jonah replied, not really focusing on anything particular, espically not his brother.

"Izii you want to come to the barbecue tomorrow? It starts at abou five and it's on the beach, loads of fun." Allen explained, patting my leg. I looked up, biting my lip, thinking.

"I have to ask, but I would love to come." I smiled.


"Please mom!" I begged, intertwining my fingers together and begging her, looking as if I was begging.

"It's a last minute thing, I don't know..." She said, her eyes journeying somewhere.

"Come on mom, please, please, please, please, please, PLEASE!! Mommy?" I pouted, putting on my biggest eyes and letting my lower lip draw further than my top one, making the biggest puppy dog face, hoping she couldn't resist it.

She was about to say something else when the door-bell rang. "I'll get it!" I announced loudly, morphing my face to normal and quickly hopping up. My mom shook her head, side-smiling, as I made my way towards the door, skipping the way there.

There was Kelly, with Jonah and Allen behind her. Kelly looked as if she had gotten off work, looking at her nice dress shirt, dark pants, and small inch heels, he makeup slightly smeared at places. I smiled and let them in, stopping Jonah by the shoulder and bringing him into the living room.

"Thank god you guys are here, I need extra persuasion." I smiled, Jonah did too as we sat on the couch. We were watching TV, I have no idea which show. It was probably something funny because me and Jonah kept laughing at it. Maybe it was that we were just mental, and had no reason for laughing.

"Alright Iz, you can go." My mom said, from the kitchen. Me and Jonah highfived and continued to watch our show, as they would probably over for a while, because Kelly and my mom are basically best friends. Allen later joined us in watching TV, most likely because he got bored with mom's and Kelly's girly conversation.

     After a while it was really late, and mom had agreed Jonah could spend at our place, as long as he slept in the guest room. Which was totally fine, because it'd be pretty awkward if he had to sleep with me. We both celebrated with a Root Beer and a high-five.

Anyways, having a sleepover with a guy, -well with Jonah on that note- is so much more fun than a girl's. He was funny, didn't mind talking about guy stuff, and he was my only friend who would tile-skate with me. Where you put socks on and slide around the tile? Yeah, that game. I could burp around him, be quirky, and do myself, I couldn't do that with some of my friends.

 We had a lot of fun, and were up until almost two in the morning, watching movies, only comedies mostly, we both liked scary movies, but not that late. And whatever. We soon both grew very tired and we said night and headed off to bed, but we texted while were laying down, until I eventually fell asleep, exhausted, both mentally and physically.

The next morning I woke up pretty early and threw on some Navy blue lounge pants, and an over-sized white t-shirt. me and Jonah woke up the earliest, he was making eggs, and I started on pancakes.     I handed the batter to Jonah, since he was better at flipping them. I finished up with the bacon.

Mom woke up later and we all ate after she had her coffee. I smiled as Jonah gave me wiggly eyebrows.

It was about three when Jonah said, "We gotta go, I have to get ready." He smiled, looking over at me. I nodded and he said he would call me when he was ready.

He ran out the front door and I headed to my room.

I went straight to my room and headed to my closet, picking out some short magenta shorts, and a pink-tank top, with a blue over shirt with a smiley face on it. I threw my hair in low pigtails, with a small bump in the front, so my bangs weren't in my face.

I put a little line of eyeliner on my eyes and a small dab of mascara, with some pink lip gloss. I grabbed my sunglasses and folded them on my shirt, texting Jonah I was ready.

"Alright mom, I'm going." I said, going over and hugging her and kissing her cheek.

"Be safe, call me if you need anything. Love you!" She said, looking at me.

I nodded, "Love you too mom." Then I walked out.

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