Part 25

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I sat down next to Luke, receiving multiple dirty looks from girls, but whatever. Zach is at the next table, and I'm planning to make Luke do his part of the deal.

"So, where's Grace?" I asked, looking up at him, with a phony gleam in my eyes. I wanted to at least make it seem as if I was enjoying sitting here. Which I actually kind of, was.

"Behind us." Luke somewhat whispered. I nodded, looking through my lunch, to find a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I sighed deeply and threw it on the table, not wanting it at all.

"Don't like peanutbutter?" He asked, looking at the poor sandwhich on the table.

"Jelly." I alleged, looking at him slightly. He nodded and took the sandwich, opening it and taking a bite. "So, just because I don't like jelly, you're now obliged to eat my sandwich?"

"Gotta go." He winked, standing up and heading to the lunch-line. I shook my head and smacked him before he went. I started to eat my other lunch items, and apple, a Capri-Sun, and chips. I saved some chips though, thinking Luke may have wanted some.

A few minutes Luke sat down and passed me a cup of ice cream. I eyed it suspiciously.

"What's this?" I asked, looking at it.

"Ice cream, for taking your sandwich." He smiled, handing me his spoon.

I took it curiously before shrugging and eating some. I wasn't exactly paying attention when Luke took his spoon and swiped himself some ice cream.

"Hey!" I said, looking at him as he ate it. I gaped funny and took some ice cream from my spoon and wiped it on his cheek. He laughed and did the same, except on my nose.

"You two stop it." A round teach said behind us. We silently laughed as she walked away.

When she was out of ear shot, I started wiping ice cream from my nose and the little that had gotten onto my cheek. I watched as Luke did the same.

He finished up and looked at me, "You got some, right here." He said, pointing to the small space right next to his lip. I tried wiping it, but he shook his head, pointing to it again on his face. I smiled an embarrassing one and turned around, trying to wipe it.

"Here." Luke said, making me turn around and wipe it from the edge of my lip. I stared a little at his eyes, until they caught mine. I then quickly blinked and looked back at the table.

What the hell was that?


"So you and Luke?" Adam said, wiggling his eyebrows in fourth period. I nodded looking like I was day-dreaming. 

"Yeah." I said, folding my hands inside my lap, looking up and swaying back an fourth.

"Aw, someone's in love..." Adam mocked, hitting my arm teasingly.

"Oh, shut up. You're just jealous." I laughed, looking at him evilly.

"Whatever, girl." He said, a certain girly tone added to his whacky comment.

"Thank god it's Friday." I smiled, craning my head to where he was.

"I know right." He laughed, looking back at me.

"I just can't wait for this week, to be, over!" I cried, looking distantly at the door, waiting for Ms.Lewis to get done.



"Seventh period!" I cheered, rushing to my next class.

Finally, after a long day of hard stares, strange looks, a lot of gossip, and stupid talking, I was ready to see my boys!

"Carson!" I said, tapping him on the shoulder, he turned around and smiled. He hugged me and I smiled.

"Ah, thank god it's Friday!" He said, holding his hands in the air and spinning around. I laughed and shook my head, sitting in my seat. Adam came in and sat behind Carson.

We had a pencil mustache competition until Luke came, we had enough time for two, I won one, and Carson won the other. Adam was always first out, I won the second round, Carson sneezed. He had won the first round though, by me coughing, even though I held it for a while.

"Hey Izii." Said Luke, strolling in and taking a seat behind me. I mean, he usually sits behind me, but the fact that we were 'dating' made it strangely uncomfortable.

Adam and Carson gave me suggestive looks, wiggling their eyebrows and blinking widely, like infected love birds.

I shook my head from that thought and turned back the front of the class, smiling like an idiot. Then my mind flashed to that moment when in lunch.

It was like, nothing else was going on, it was only him. And to him, it was like I was the only one there. The way his face was only inches away from mine, the way his eyes stared into mine, full of something beyond comprehension. The way he seemed so disappointed when I moved away. How he looked like maybe he wanted something to happen...

And the way he was slowly leaning in, and his eyelids slowly moving down.

Why? What was it about him, that made me so... nervous? Did I like him? And if I did, why him? Why not someone like Carson, or Adam?

More importantly, did he like me?

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